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In 1977 Julie was 18 and went on one of her last family holidays before heading off to college. What follows is a fictionalised account of a true story. Mum and Dad were pretty strict and as the eldest, my brother was six years younger than I, I tended to attract all the heat. Now […]

Here are four pictures from TipTopper. All but the bottom right has been seen here before but it was worth another look. All four of the pictures depict what the Victorians and Edwardians would have a called a ‘Great Girl’ getting her comeuppance. That is to say a young woman who might ordinarily be considered […]

Our story started here. The atmosphere on the Ad Astra’s bridge had changed with Captain Dane’s coming. It was both quieter and yet at the same time more bustling. The set of Dane’s back seemed to discourage the usual chit-chat and instead, Dale made more of an effort to visibly work more quickly. She had […]

Is this where we quip, My Bonnie lies over the ocean? It would at least explain why this is blog of the week rather than last week when My Bottom Smarts had its 12th million page view – well the news was slowed down somewhere over the Atlantic. Oh okay, we just missed it. Congratulations […]

This is probably old news to some of you, but the top picture rather seized the attention and a little research revealed that it is an art shoot with a Stacy Keibler. Now having not the least idea who she is, a little research was called for. Apparently she is an actress, model and eh… […]

House Rules


In 1923 young college girls arriving at their boarding house in Richmond Virginia would not have been surprised to see a list of rules on the wall. No gentlemen callers after 7.30pm No gentlemen visitors to be allowed in rooms at any time No food to be eaten in your rooms No alcohol at any […]

A while back in the UK there was a lot in the newspapers about ‘Dragon Mothers.’ These are allegedly very strict ethnically Chinese mothers, mainly living in English speaking countries, who push their children very hard. Two particular cases came to light, one where a woman was quoted as saying that her daughter had disgraced […]

Just checking out who looks at this site and guess what, 50.86% are from the USA. Not sure when this happened, as until recently this London-based had twice as many Brits as any other single nationality. So a big hello to all you new readers and welcome. There are also quite a few Australians, Indians […]

Our story started here. Darius finished putting the last swats of Jen’s spanking across her bared bottom as his sensors suggested that an optimum punishment had been given. This despite calls from the informal audience who had gathered at the quay, who were demanding the spanking to continue. They were still laughing openly and mocking […]

Sometimes when you are on the verge of saying you have seen just about every mainstream movie spanking or CP scene another one crops up on You Tube. No idea what is going on in this Hungarian film, but the poor girl picture above has to hang about naked in a courtyard while some dashing […]