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Part I here “Get off me,” Alice gasped suddenly pushing John away. “Wh-what?” John was still reeling from the kiss and now she was mad at him again. “I didn’t mean to… I mean,” Alice downcast her eyes and scanned the carpet for salvation. What was she doing? “You’re right,” John said thickly and looked skyward […]

Part I here Adam Stone’s gaze missed nothing. Just then he leant on the second upright post supporting the porch and studied the bustle in the compound. Every now and then he sniffed the air as if to catch a scent of something. Maybe I should release the beast tonight and see what I can turn […]



They are reading, together and calmly. Him a book on the Russian Revolution, and her a novel by a new author,  novel of maps, seas and secrets. The clock ticks. She turns a page. He rubs the bridge of his nose. “Bed,” he says. He does not look up. He turns another page. “Where?” she […]

 “You did what?” His voice froze her with its tone. “I just thought you’d find it …” There did not seem to be a good end to the sentence. Marie ran a manicured hand down her new dress and thought what a terrible waste. It should have been such fun. “She’s not an ‘it.’” He […]

Reality Bites


I dug up another little forum exchange purporting to be true stories. This one is another from Femfirst. The opening comment discussed the overhearing a spanking of a young waitress at a hotel back in the 1970s and posed the question would anyone get away with it today. JulieG answered: It depends what you mean […]

It’s Magic


LSF have been pushing me to publish Magic as a novel for some time and now we finally have. The publishers are investing a lot of time and money promoting this book, all at a modest copy price I opine, so if you have never bought one of my books and you like this blog […]

Part 1 can be found here. The road cut through the desert like a causeway bridging a restless sea. Neither of them had spoken for a while and Megan sensed a change. But even the modern city up ahead came as a shock, even to Ahmed, who must have known it was there for he […]

The Audi hit yet another line of cars and Kimberly slowed to a stop. Usually such delays pissed her off but today the conversation was far too interesting and the 36-year-old blonde cast a smirk at her passenger sitting alongside. Clarice tugged furiously at a stray red hair and glowered at the new hold-up. She […]

Part I Sofia stood solemnly in front of the mirror while her maids fussed around her. She was naked and the spring chill set her astonishing white flesh in tight gooseflesh. Every once in a while a maid would tug at her long jet hair or turn her this way and that so that the […]

Okay so this might not be a coffee morning, more like some kind of sex therapy party. But two women demonstrate how a woman can be spanked to orgasm. No idea what is going on but everyone seems to be having a great time. Not for everyone; some girls need to cry.