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Weekly Round-Up


I hope everyone has had (is having) a good Christmas. I still haven’t had time to get on top of things but thought to squeeze out one quick round-up. The big (and sad) news is that Bonnie is retiring and closing My Bottom Smarts. It is a sad loss to the community and we wish […]

Vintage Sunday


No Weekly round-up this week – I am not you see.

Merry Christmas


Have a Merry Christmas one and all – no post tomorrow.

Sister Mercy, her jaw set tight, was wringing her hands. Before her the young novice Maria was naked and kneeling at the block while Sub-Prioress Augusta laced her upturned bare bottom with a long thin switch. The once smooth rounds of the errant girl were now rilled and purple red with welts as she gasped […]

The Uber Brats


Another collection of short stories has been published by LSF if anyone was looking for a last minute stocking filler. This one is called the Uber Brats. Dr Barton is persuaded to take in a disruptive girl who goes by the name of Uber-bitch, a kind of punk nickname. Dr Barton surveys her – underneath […]

Vintage Sunday


Facing out was embarrassing, but at least the front of her blouse covered her down to the top of her thighs. However, every time someone passed down the hall for the lavatory or to get something from the storeroom they had to pass her. Tammy tugged at her blouse again in agitation just thinking of […]

Have you ever spanked a girl when she sets her jaw and refuses to react? That is a question asked by a male spanker and I do think this is a girl spankee thing, but girl-on-girl aficionados may have the same issue. Sometimes you can spank for minutes on end and she just growls under […]