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The picture above is supposed to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer being spanked by her some-time-ally Faith; it’s as topical as it gets. All Hallows Even is the Christian name for the older pagan festival of Samhain, which may be derived from the old Irish for summer’s end. Although the Roman Catholic’s associate the festival […]

Being away  haven’t seen the blogosphere much – so no Blog of the Week. Normal service resumes this weekend.

Where do you stand on all those Daddy fantasies? Some of us are rather led in this area by the thought of a submissive grown woman, who in other circumstances could be an equal, and yet… There are not many father daughter or father daughter substitute stories here and yet one look at the Spanking […]

Magic: a guide


This is intended as an outline guide to some of the ideas and characters described in the ongoing saga of Magic. Much of it is drawn upon existing methodology and contemporary religious beliefs, but it is not intended to denigrate or explain those beliefs and may deviate for creative purposes. Characters encountered or mentioned in […]

Being off the premises for a few days some of the posts here will be light. However, coming up there will be two chapters of Magic, plus an article on the world of Magic. Also some nice pictures and one or two other little snippets. The robots will be hard at work so you’ll hard […]

Like the lady above, the Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction has been experience difficulties recently and has offered up an alternative url: Hopefully this will address the problem that some of you have reported when getting a false positive for viruses when visiting. The Library is well worth a visit and has nearly 17,000 […]

Tania tugged at the hem of her skirt as she waited at the front gate of the school. At five feet two, nothing seemed to look elegant on her, not even the designer red travel-dress ensemble that she had picked out to wear home. Her blonde untamed shoulder-length hair, just added to the general look […]

Why not?


Looking for something profound to say and share with the world; time just got away.  Suffice to say sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

There used to be a picture (maybe there still is) on a DJ Black hard drive of three girls bending over a radiator to look out a window with their bare bottoms showing ‘doing a Jane Birkin.’ Couldn’t find the three girls but the Jane Birkin one above is still a classic and the one […]

So you are out in the woods on a nice sunny autumn day and she starts to act up. “Do you want a spanking?” You say. “Out here? You wouldn’t dare,” she replies, albeit with the good grace (not to mention wisdom) to sound uncertain. Ok there is that challenge. First hurdle coming up; there […]