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Part 1 here “Now where were we?” John said with a mischievous grin. While her body still attempted to face the wall Carolynn rolled her shoulders around as she turned to offer him a sour look. “Ready for the final dozen?” he chuckled. “Six,” Carolynn blurted, “It was only six,” she repeated in a panicked […]

Tomorrow I hope to post the next part of the Deal. Meanwhile have a good weekend.

I have finally got a new PC and I am immersed in extensive set up and back-ups etc… I think it may take a day or two more as I have to give priority to my client business. Meanwhile here is some music… I mean a picture.

A young lady (presumably) rejoicing in the name Casey the Sorority girl dropped me a quick line to say that ‘red is new black’ and that the 21st century sorority girl ‘likes to show off her blisters.’ I get these brief enigmatic mails from time to time and beyond a quick acknowledgment their contributions usually […]

Weekly Round-Up


Not a quiet week here, but the rest of Spankville is having one of its occasional rests. Between writing for the blog and some other projects (unrelated)  I have been reading about Caesar Augustus, a remarkable man who changed the world. Of course many will judge him by modern values and find him wanting, and […]

Vintage Sunday


The Invention


“Marcus, please this is uncomfortable,” the inventor’s wife said in some annoyance. “Hetty the world of science is a perilous thing, now stop your squawking and let me make some adjustments,” Marcus Tyler snapped. The ever fashionable Mrs Tyler might have felt better if she had been allowed to keep some of her finery, but […]

Part 1 here The tears were tamed but the raging lines of pain across Carolynn’s exposed bottom threatened to escape and assail her senses again. It would be weeks, if not months before she could sit down, she was certain of it and for once she was more than content to stand in the corner […]

These are taken from a couple of secondhand out of print books about sexual fantasies and experiences. = I had no spanking or BDSM fantasies growing up therefore meeting Tom and what happened with us came as a bit of a shock. I didn’t really like him at first, he was cold and a bit […]

Part 1 here “But why the cane?” a dismayed Carolynn asked. She worked her mouth as if trying to work up the moisture for a nervous swallow. “You think you don’t deserve it?” John said patiently. “I know but…” she wailed. “You went behind my back on that last project, a good project I have […]