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Weekly Round-up


For various reasons, Blog of the Week has lapsed a little in recent weeks, and guess what? Nobody noticed. The reason for its (possibly temporary) demise is that it became increasingly difficult to read enough blogs and single any one out. Well today here is a short list of blogs who have caught the eye […]

The observant among you may have noticed that there was no blog of the week on Friday. It is doubtful that anyone was waiting with baited breath to see if their blog had been nominated, so why mention it? Well it was just one of those examples of real life getting in the way. Like […]

British Spanking Magazines is back with a vengeance, with not just one story but several.

Here is a blog that may not have been BotW before; can’t think why. Every so often Bonnie publishes an invaluable list of new spanking blogs to enjoy. There are also a series of thoughtful discussion on spanking and… well just about every topic you can name. This week’s blog is My Bottom Smarts.

Found this picture on the Spanking Blog. The SB was one of the first round up spanking blogs that caught the eye and it can always be relied upon for an eclectic mix of posts. This week’s Blog of the Week: The Spanking Blog.

What is a guy to do? This week’s post about spiritual brats and insatiatable need was magical. The post about alternatives to spanking seems to have struck a chord with many, so check it out over at Poppy’s Submission’s this week’s blog of the week.

Introducing Less Than Three, a new spanking blog from Sweden.  

Here is a new outfit that might be worth a look. looks like it might the place where sometimes fantasy meets reality. It features pictures, articles and a shop for spanking and bondage paraphernalia.

As of midnight last night this blog reached its three millionth visit. What does one say? Gosh. Wow. Definitely thanks. As we enter our fourth year, the blog has been upgraded to pro and in the coming months there will be more eclectic snippets of all things spanking. That sometimes means dancing on the edge […]

This week’s blog is another new find. Andy’s Dames is a regularly updated site that acts as a show case for one-of erotic drawings. Most of the pictures feature bondage of some kind as well as spanking. Also a fair few of them are quite graphic either sexually or with their depictions of peril. However, […]