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This is my favourite day of the year. I am sorry we have both been so quiet. Last week was a week a lot of people have off work  and so they think to themelves – where is wonderful? London – they say.  And then they say – ‘We have not seen DJ and Indigo […]

There is something creepy as well as severe about this still of Barbara Rey from the 1973 movie Night of the Sorcerers. Busy week so posts are a bit slow, more soon.

The Dinner Date


“Please, please don’t, I have just got my hair straight.” And she did try very hard not to tut at him as he ignored her pleas and tipped her forwards making her flat, shiny hair tumble and twist over her head. He spanked her over her knickers at first, one of those short sharp spankings […]

Weekly Round-Up


A quick in and out this week. Thank you to all those who emailed me with tests after saying my mail box was a bit slow. I definitely have a problem but stuff is getting through for the most part of I am patient. I still have people to reply to and a couple of […]

I haven’t seen Love, Honor and Obey (1938), although like many of you I have seen the posters and stills that occasionally circulate with the featured spanking. Apparently this movie has not been released for DVD nor is it available on TCM. The reason I suspect is the fisticuffs between the husband and wife at […]

Saddle Sore


The cartoon at the top of the page had me laughing and prompted me to dig out several other westerner spanking images. Never is the substitution of sex more prevalent than in westerns. In most contexts the caveman brute can only be accepted in movies if the eroticism is treated as comedy. Yet within the […]

Recently I have been walking. I am aware that it is a wonderful pastime (let us not take our healthy, working legs for granted) but not necessarily unexpected. But I am becoming dizzy with happiness from it. I have, within my reach right now, two huge ordinance survey maps. I can reach my day sack […]

Swish, Twack!


LSF have published another story collection of mine. As usual I am obliged to tell you details as follows. A Modern Education: When Rosalyn Beauchamp goes to see her step-daughter’s housemaster, she feels as if she herself is back in school. And, indeed, she soon finds herself bent over for the cane. Sophie’s Sacrifice: Sophie […]

Weekly Round-Up


It is a busy week and I am on the road again. To add to this complication I am not sure I am getting any email. After three days of no emails at all I ran a test that took two days to get to me. These things happen but I thought it worth mentioning […]