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The introduction music was lively and urgent with bass-driven undertones of peril. As it got to its second bar a metallic 3D banner scrolled across the screen proclaiming ‘Issues Tonight.’ “Hello and welcome to Issues Tonight,” an over smiling redhead with big hair and a clinging green dress said unnecessarily. “I am Mary Tonkin and […]

An Amelia Craven Story. Amelia Craven felt entirely out of place in her green dress. It wasn’t the finest, but compared to the heavy woollen work-skirts and coveralls she usually donned, she was as a queen. Then the carriage bounced her about as it left the better road for the track that she knew led […]

Part 1 here “Hello Caz,” Imogen had said, sounding as if she wished she was anywhere but standing in the corner with her bottom on show. “Oh I…” Carolynn spluttered. “Sorry about this,” Luke said, he looked uncomfortable. “Just a bit of spontaneous discipline… and we just got carried away. But I rather gather that […]

Part 1 here The duvet was comfortably warm, but not as comfortable as the hard man she snuggled up to. It had been years since Carolynn had anything like this in her life, not since… not since ever she realised with a sigh. Her previous sexual encounters had been grubby one-nighters or the fumbled culmination […]

Part 1 here “Now where were we?” John said with a mischievous grin. While her body still attempted to face the wall Carolynn rolled her shoulders around as she turned to offer him a sour look. “Ready for the final dozen?” he chuckled. “Six,” Carolynn blurted, “It was only six,” she repeated in a panicked […]

The Invention


“Marcus, please this is uncomfortable,” the inventor’s wife said in some annoyance. “Hetty the world of science is a perilous thing, now stop your squawking and let me make some adjustments,” Marcus Tyler snapped. The ever fashionable Mrs Tyler might have felt better if she had been allowed to keep some of her finery, but […]

Part 1 here The atmosphere in John Dacia’s office wasn’t as awkward as he would have expected. True Carolynn was looking at him like a love struck school girl, but for once he was happy to share the morning with a woman from the night before. Nevertheless he was determined to focus on the business […]

Part 1 here Damn, Carolynn thought as she pulled up the drive, I love him. She had known John Dacia for an age, ever since she had got into the property development game. Up to now she had always assumed it was a daddy thing, given that her own father was completely out of the […]

Part 1 here For the second time in little over a week Carolynn was completely unable to sit down. Although it had to be said that it was entirely her own fault, she thought ruefully. Well not entirely, she definitely had a bone to pick with her sister Imogen. First things first, taking slow painful […]

Part 1 here “What the hell do you think you are up to?” Carolynn raged at John. “We have an arrangement, a private arrangement… well anyway… but the point is that this is about me… I mean us… Jesus Christ John why didn’t you tell me… she is just a….” John Dacia was still trying […]