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Chelsea sighed and slipped her fingers beneath her sunglasses and rubbed at her now closed eyes until a myriad of coloured spots danced in the self-imposed darkness. She had been reading for a college essay all morning and she was bored. In front of her was a tuft of grass and she plucked at a […]

Never mind the butler; have you ever wondered what the window cleaner saw? Living in London, people sometimes live so much on top of one another that they zone out the neighbours and tend to become rather relaxed about what they get up to without closing the curtains. At a former address for instance, one […]

Out and proud


Because so much good stuff comes out on a Friday, which gets overlooked, Blog of the Week is being moved to Monday. So instead, today here is a picture pulled from Tumblr. I have no idea what is going on or where the picture was taken but something tells me that these bruises were not […]

Our story began here. Patsy sidled into the stable room carefully putting one foot in front of the other like a cat. Karl was stripped to the waist and washing himself at a small hand basin in the corner. He couldn’t fail to notice her sexy sway as she walked but he showed no outward […]



The Denver train pulled in with a screech of iron on iron that jangled the nerves of every cowpoke in town and might have even roused one or two of the residents on Boot Hill. Then with a judder and a hiss it came to a full stop in a great cloud of steam. In […]

Our story began here. Carol-Anne couldn’t believe how mean Patsy had been, but it had been fun watching Lucy taken down a peg or two nonetheless. She was beginning to find her time at the Cornwall Institute not as grim as she had first thought. Ever since Vernon had first spanked her she felt for […]

Two more from a small set of vintage pictures supplied by TipTopper.

Our story began here. The two hours that Lucy spent facing the wall in the courtyard with her bare bottom displayed to the world were the worst of her life. The first 40 minutes she raged impotently, resolving by turns to leave the hell hole in which she found herself and then to tough it […]

Weekly Round-Up


Having to do this early so it’s a short week this time, so consequently a round-up light. The first picture was taken from Cutie Pie and the second from Poppy’s Submission’s. The third is a rather crisp image from the Chicago Spanking Review; an original take on the Spiderman theme. Sticking with pictures, the Spank […]

Corner Time


After stumbling on a debate about how long corner time should be, I wondered if the history of corner time might be a good subject. The dictionary says it is a noun, and defines it as: A punishment consisting in a period of time the culprit (usually a mischievous child) must stand still in a […]