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You know who you are.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin. When one is writing spanking fiction and associated articles language can be evocative. But that very evocation is also subjective. For instance: “You are going to be severely punished young lady,” he said. “I am going to spank you so soundly that you won’t sit down for […]



You know you learn something every day.  Well that actually might not be true, but that is a digression. “Let me see if I can help you,” I say. She sighs and puts on her second best irritated face. “God what does that..?” I say as you lean back and try to focus on the […]

Last week my girl drew my attention to an article on Jezebel that was kicking up a storm about CDD. That is Christian Domestic Discipline to you and me. This is a rather controversial lifestyle that not only advocates the Head-of-Household approach to TTTWD, but claims that it is sanctioned by God as written in […]

Weekly Round-Up


Ouch such a lot this week and not all good unfortunately. Finally got to the bottom of why Crimson and Black bit the dust. A notice to desist arrived two months late. Tumblr are better at taking down blogs than they are asking blog owners to make changes it seems. Furthermore the complainant was by […]

Last Saturday and almost unnoticed this blog published its 1,000th post. A quick calculation suggests that there have been around two million words and almost seven million visits. Since I had nothing better to post I thought I would pause to consider that for a moment. Above a few pictures previous published here.

If you like cowboy spanking stories then LSF have published a short collection of mine called Atonement: spanking stories of the Wild West. These are mostly M/F stories of the traditional kind where hellcats and brats in pursuit of their men get what they most need. Atonement Her eyes turned by the delights of a […]

I always had this thing about rules. I guess it stems from the fact that at home I never had any. My brother and I did pretty much what we liked, when we liked. It made for a complicated adolescence, but being such a free spirit contributed to my creativity and led me to my […]