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The Academy


It seems that LSF are determined to publisher a sizeable proportion of my back catalogue. (Is that a double entendre or a pun?) Anyway, hot on the heels of the novella, Lizzie Baines, comes the re-publishing of The Academy (originally published as The Academy: the future of spanking). There are two original works in the […]

Weekly Round-Up


As I write this up on Friday there is already too much to keep up with so heaven knows (knew?) what the weekend will bring (brought). I may cull my first draft just to keep it down to a dull roar. Don’t you just love weeks like these? To kick off with a reminder this […]

Reality Bites


Here is another from the batch sent in by Sam labelled ‘real.’ Its claimed source is a vanilla Tumblr that captioned it ‘Aunt B_ spanks big Sis :)’ The faces were clearly visible before I blurred them. Aunt B looked determined and Bis Sis uncomfortable. I have nothing else on this and it could be […]

I found this on Deviant Art. I know it is a fantasy for a lot of women out there and so this is for you.

Now here is the thing, any fool can chain the willing or even unwilling up and have her at his mercy, but sending a girl to the corner is just as restrictive and carries with it the added element of it being voluntary on both sides. Okay so it’s a given that few girls will […]

Some years ago I wrote a short series about the adventures of Lizzie Baines, a New York girl who marries a soldier on the eve of the Korean War and is transplanted to Louisiana to live with his family while he serves abroad. While there she has to deal with some very quaint and challenging […]

Our story began here. Sylvia ached; mostly in a good way. She was certainly sore down below and not just where she was usually chaffed after a night of love-making. The small berry between her bottom cheeks positively sizzled. She blushed to think about what Gerald had done to her the night before. As she […]

Weekly Round-Up


Another week another round-up; unfortunately the Taxman cometh and although I have found some time to write, catching up on blogs has been harder. I don’t know who said there is nothing inevitable in life but woodshed time and stepping in dog shit. But it does sound like a variant on the ‘death and taxes’ […]

This is another of the pictures sent in by Sam. I have obscured the faces in case it is the real life picture of a college spanking that is claimed. The back-story is (or is claimed to be) a 20-year-old woman is being spanked at her Christian community college witnessed by a friend (the photographer) […]

Sent in as ever by TipTopper. The last picture demonstrates that the bad sexist humour was not restricted to spanking cartoons.