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Tuesday 30th November, on board the MS Valiant Adventurer Dear Diary, I had to bide my time last week as I was grounded of all things. Aunt B said I had to work my notice and I was not to go out until we were both ready to go home. I don’t like disobeying Aunt […]

A while back someone (largely anon) sent me a batch of random stuff purporting to be real amateur spanking stuff. An attempt to get more details has drawn a blank so here is most of what is publishable and you can make up your own mind. Most of it seems to be sorority stuff, but […]

“This is too much please, I just have to sell, I am desperate. My husband… well we really do need the money.” Julia Cassidy pleaded. The estate agent leant back in his chair and sucked on his pencil. The foolish silly woman was beginning to annoy him. She came in every day demanding that her […]

Implements. To use or not to use? The other day over at the Spanking Library, someone was asking if there were any stories that featured just hand spankings. This set wheels turning. Hand spankings are quite rare on A Voice, not for any particular reason, it’s just the way it has turned out. For some […]

Wednesday 24th November, Istanbul Dear Diary, I have been kept on a tight rein since the episode with the Australian boys. I have hardly even had a chance to write much here. I did keep insisting that I was a grown woman and that I could do what I liked, but Mr Khan did not […]

“Dr Barton?” The voice on the other end of the phone enquired. “Yes, hello? Who is this?” Dr Barton asked looking at his watch. He really didn’t have time for this. “I am… Smith, from Department H.” There was a long pause. “Oh one of those people.” Dr Barton sat in his desk chair in […]

A Week end?


A weak joke as well, but with the next post not quite ready it might be worth mentioning that as of today this blog has had 900,000 visitors. More soon.

For some people a spanking is not a spanking unless it has the right setting or context. For some this will be a wholly consensual bit of foreplay in the bedroom, maybe with role-play, maybe not. Now for others it is all about punishment, erotic or otherwise. Now things really do get interesting. We have […]

This is a dark tale and not one for the feint hearted. All persons depicted are fictional and not intended to represent etc… and no slight is intended to the noble English county of Norfolk. The Norfolk Fens are strange lands on the margins of Eastern England. It is said that here dwells the last […]

There are a lot of women visitors to this blog, so perhaps the title is arrogant or unhelpful. Or perhaps it is just aimed at the men. So ladies talk among yourselves if you are so inclined. Years ago Nancy Friday wrote two books about sexual fantasies, one on men and the other on women. […]