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The pub was layers of noise; the occasional verse of a 20-year-old song faded into ear shot, deep and light laughter, a high pitched exclamation, the shifting of chairs, clinking of glasses, the door opening and closing and the cars sweeping past on the busy street outside. But just for a moment it was silent […]

Weekly Round-Up


This is all going to be about me unfortunately. I am determined to be the only website not to mention Jeremy Clarkson. Damn. Well that just about sums up my week. I am not going to complain that I have been too busy. Indigo is still unwell and needs ongoing help so the blog has […]

Vintage Sunday


The house was one of those Georgian four-storey affairs. It wasn’t quite a mansion, but it stood in its own grounds 30 or 40 meters from the B road at the end of a short gravel drive. Tamed ivy decorated one corner; a network of dark green leaves ascending to the roof, a rustic detail […]

For those who like a e-books, LSF have published another novella of mine entitled Spanking the Dames. It comprises of all six of the Justice Adjustment Stories in one volume. Here is the publishers blurb: It’s very much business as usual at the somewhat dilapidated New York offices of William Wendell Wentworth’s Private Justice Adjustment […]

Cherry Blossom


I was a little girl once. I was an awkward little girl. Everything would confuse me. I would sit on my father’s lap and know I made him sad. I would ask why and he would deny it. I would see my mother cry and ask her why she was sad and she would deny […]

I was surfing one reference from another and ended up on Google reader reading about wife spanking in the 1930s. The dateline put me in mind of a post on Slapper-At’s published here about the seeming craze of young women seeking out spanking fun during the roaring twenties, 1930s and into the 1940s. The OTK […]

Weekly Round-up


I seem to have been afflicted by Indigo’s ill-health and outside of work struggle to concentrate for more than 10 minutes on any piece writing. Notwithstanding that, I have had a chance to check out Spankville this week. I understand that Blogspot has back-pedalled on its no-erotica stance, so fingers crossed. But the original deadline […]

Vintage Sunday


Part 1 can be found here. The Landrover hit a bump and the whole vehicle lurched sideways as it gripped the desert road. “Ah,” Megan groaned as she jerked back to make contact with the seat for a moment. Her expression when she eased herself back onto her knees was a pained one. “I told […]