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Let us start with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, which is appropriate as I used to be a legal secretary. I am a fictional character; I exist merely as a vehicle to tell this story. Oh to be sure the is a grain of truth to this story, as there […]

Whilst digging around for some more Pats and Peeves snippets, this was found. In 1956(?) Mrs W Theigh of Milwalkee, wrote to a US magazine called PIC advocating spanking of adult daughters. She explained that she had recently spanked her two daughters, a ‘late teener’ and another not quite 21, for buying what she termed […]



The year had begun quietly enough. For sure the Medici were extending their grip on the city, but what was that to Nicolo Salviati, his family had long been out of politics? But then as spring turned to summer, unrest had spread through the city. As ever, some blamed the Jews and others the Venetians, […]

Here is a cute cutting from the 1950s advocating the spanking of adult daughters. Having never seen it before, it is not clear where it was originally from and the article itself is sadly lost, leaving us with an intriguing intro. As near as anyone is able to make out the intro reads: In this […]

The narrow stairwell smelt of floor polish and ancient oak. When she last made this journey, she had sneered at the tacky ordinariness of an old rickety staircase in such an inauspicious school, now they seemed so intimidating. As she climbed, each creak put Sophie in mind of the scaffold steps. She paused and took […]

Following up on the post about bridal spanking traditions, here as an overview of various spanking traditions pursued once the bride is safely married. Margaret was married at 19 in 1963 by her own admission she had no idea about life and did not know what to expect from married life. “I definitely believed the […]

Due to a small and (hopefully) non-critcal malfunction, there will be a short interlude. Normal service will resume shortly. Meanwhile here is some music (eh picture).

The story began here. Here is the concluding part. The temperature just before Christmas was very mild. In New York it would have been snowing with ice, but on the farm a few dozen miles west of Vicksburg it was warm. Unseasonably so Ma said and the men were still in shirtsleeves. “It’ll be even […]

Announcing 700,000 visitors today, as if you care. And thanks to all those people who took the trouble to go out of their way to say that posting about how much traffic this blog got was a waste of time. This post is dedicated to you with genuine thanks for your interest. Look on the […]

What a pretentious title, don’t you love it? Someone else’s anecdote triggered some long forgotten memories and suggested this theme. Amber was 14 at the time, sorry but bear with this, it’s not about kids. She had skipped detention, a punishment she had got for not doing her lines. In 1979 the only recourse the […]