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Here is an odd little piece that you may have come across before. It is a music video allegedly based on a real event. Given it is from the same era as the infamous Helston case it is believable, but no other reference to it can be found. The ages of the girls is not […]

Most blogs are about people’s daily lives. This one is often about the past, even the dotes are mostly about things that happened many years ago. Here is a brief little mystery that had only just happened and may even be ongoing. Last night there was a text message on the mobile from a nice […]

RIP Alex Birch


For those of you who have not heard Alex Birch died peacefully in his sleep yesterday. He will be sadly missed. El Tercer Oro carries a brief obituary.

During the late 1980s, Blue Moon Books published a series of spanking erotica that perhaps represents a golden age of erotic publishing. This was a period that was post-sexual liberation and all those sexploitation books of the 1970s and before political correctness had insisted that all such books must constantly reiterate the consensual nature of […]

A few months back this post was found on one of the boards. It had been hoped that more might have been forthcoming about this, but it had evidentially been posted in 2001 and that particular board is now gone.   “I had always been fascinated by corporal punishment, so when at the age of […]

There are a few changes here at A Voice. Hopefully the categories are easier to navigate now and there has been some rewriting of the About page. The project has now been going six months, so thank you for all the input. Especially those of you have emailed me about The Academy strand. There have […]

Angela’s story continues. I was to see Nan and Alex all too soon. I had been too lost in my shame, but apparently over lunch, Alex had invited us to dinner later that month. “Oh do we have to?” I wheedled. “It’s so embarrassing.” “It rather defeats the purpose of punishing you like that if […]

A Voice has received a few emails lately asking about spanking incidents in years gone by. Although very flattered to be thought the fount of such wisdom, such enquiries may better be directed to Chross. However, one enquiry was about something that was on TV in the late 1980s and it rang a bell. The […]

The Academy is dedicated to the education and training of young women between the ages of 19 to 25. It is necessary therefore that all rules are followed and any breaches are dealt with appropriately. The Academy operates an honour code and it is desirable that all students report any misbehaviour on their part to […]

This is an excerpt of an article found here. This is just some of the pictures, there are many others. Much of the article is a rant and it is not clear who the author is, except that he is into spanking. In the original Ian Fleming novel about Tatiana that comes “From Russia with […]