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Saturday 26th February, Cyprus Dear Diary, I have not long been up. I didn’t get to sleep until late and then it was a restless night. My sore bottom throbbed against the sheets all night and I had to sleep on my tummy. Even now I cannot sit down and I have been told that […]

Saturday 12th February, Tel Aviv Dear Diary, I have such a lot to tell you. I went back to court, like I said last time and they were very cross. The translator said that the provisional government wanted to see me at some place called Kit-Kat (well it couldn’t have been but that’s what it […]

Tuesday 25th January, still no pigging idea where I am Dear Diary, Owwwwwwwwww! This really is not funny now. Walking to the toilet takes an age and as for sitting down, you can forget it. Today they had a punishment parade as well. I had to wait in a line with a dozen other girls […]

Thursday 20th January, I think Dear Diary, I finally got my diary back, oh but you wouldn’t know that, they took it you know. They shouted a lot and I gather that it was against the rules to write. Anyway, I was explaining that it was only a bloody diary when a big woman came […]

8th December, somewhere in the Middle East Dear Diary, This is the first time I have been able to write. This has to be the worst week of my life and I am pretty sure that it is not over yet. I never thought that I would look fondly on Aunt B’s hairbrush. I don’t […]

6th December, not the foggiest idea of location Dear Diary, A lot has happened since I last wrote. We arrived in Egypt at the end of last week and I had a happy few days there. I got to see the Pyramids and many other things that I forget now. Then I met a man […]

Tuesday 30th November, on board the MS Valiant Adventurer Dear Diary, I had to bide my time last week as I was grounded of all things. Aunt B said I had to work my notice and I was not to go out until we were both ready to go home. I don’t like disobeying Aunt […]

Wednesday 24th November, Istanbul Dear Diary, I have been kept on a tight rein since the episode with the Australian boys. I have hardly even had a chance to write much here. I did keep insisting that I was a grown woman and that I could do what I liked, but Mr Khan did not […]

Fridday 12th November, Istanbul Dear Diary, I met this cute Australian boy on Sunday. We had a great time on the beach, although he wasn’t that impressed with the sea as he said he couldn’t go surfing. I didn’t know why and told him so. A funny look came over his face when I asked […]

Friday 29th October, Istanbul Dear Diary, Khan’s bar is great. Although I can’t get used to the fact that some of the customers ask for lemonade but really want a beer in a lemonade bottle. I’m not stupid I know it is something to do with them being Muslims, but what worries me is how […]