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Vintage Sunday


Sarah dropped me a line saying how much she enjoyed my post on Land Girls some time back and how she thought her grandmother may have had a similar experience during the war. She didn’t have any details as yet but she did point me to a link about war time spanking and land girls. […]

Carolyn Brady smoothed down the front of her skirt and checked the seams of her stockings. Then with a deep sigh she knocked tentatively on the door to Wentworth’s office. A rather strained muffled voice answered and although Carolyn couldn’t quite work out what was said she guessed it was alright to go in. She […]

I often think of saying hello to you. I think of it most often afterwards. When he has spanked me, when I am sore, swollen and filled with how unfair he is and I should like to tell you, “Do not be nice to DJ. Don’t listen to him when he tells you it is […]

Mercy Cosby blew the ghost of a length of long since shorn brown-black hair from her nose and then ran her fingers through the tousled remnants that sat unkempt on her head. The heat of the region was such that she did not have time for vanities, or anything much else she realised. Time was […]

Weekly Round-Up


Attics are cold. Fingers become numb and it gets hard to write… you can see where this is going. In any case I have quite a lot of commercial work to do and need to get on. My latest romance, Tamed by the Cossack is out. It is a novella of around 28,000 words and […]

Vintage Sunday


LSF have published a new story just in time for Christmas. It is an unabridged reworking of the previously published Winter’s Tale only slightly more romantic, more spanky… for those who like their love OTK. Princess Sofia is beautiful, tempestuous, and spoiled. As the harsh winter sets in, her father, Prince Molotov, forbids her to […]

I have no idea where I found this but I had to laugh. Most likely I saw it on Tumblr sometime ago and no doubt a creative blogger created it. I love the expression on her face. If anyone knows the original movie why not comment.

There is something disturbing and fun about this picture. They look like police, but what is going on? I believe the woman is the Italian porn actress Maria Grazia Buccella, pictured in the early 1960s.