A difficult few weeks to be sure and with Christmas it does not look any easier.

I am still working on some fiction – more here very soon, but slowly.

I had a good correspondence with Asa, and I noticed he has some very good vintage stuff. I might poach some for a Sunday.

Images this week were found at: Vanilla Spanking, Devlin, Dallas, AAA, Contemporary Life, Our Marriage, the Spanking Blogg and Spanking Mag Stories which continues to update with some good old fashioned magazine fiction.

Vintage Sunday


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Still on it…



Sorry there was no community page or story this week. I blame this girl.


I seem to have an ever growing list of things that need my attention and the blog is taking third or even fourth place at the moment.

I hope to have a Community tomorrow and another Letters to My Governess shortly. In the Service of the Wolf is almost ready… Thanks to everyone who has emailed me and I will get back to you.


Vintage Sunday


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A bit rushed this week, for a change and late. Sorry about that. i was working all day yesterday and into the night.

Ronnie has another list of new and established blogs and other sites.

The images this week were found at: Dallas, James Stephenson, Devlin, and Contemporary Life.

! A governess4b

The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

You most assuredly may not call me Miss Jane. As your former governess I may permit some familiarity at your concession; that is only appropriate. But to allow reciprocation undermines the difference in our station. Again you may be thankful that I am not engaged professionally in your regard.

The arrangements are made and I look forward to seeing you. For your interest I shall bring certain items that may go some way to answering your curiosity.

For now I will say that a spanking, or any other such operation is rarely effective if not carried out on the completely denuded posterior of a girl of any age. I do mean any age, whether they be widows, mothers, daughters or wives. As I have said, there is nothing so good for a girl as a thoroughly sound spanking on the bare bottom. As you can imagine this is especially effective for a haughty matron to be taken down a peg or indeed many.

The just correction of wives is more common than you might guess and I would be surprised if your late husband did not take you in hand from time to time. If not then may I venture that your domestic arrangements were sadly deficient. In other households usually it is the husband who addresses himself to such matters, but where this is not possible, perhaps through absence or infirmity, perhaps then the task can be delegated.

A certain duchess of my acquaintance regularly submits to a very good thrashing at the hands of a senior groom in her husband’s household. She is now above 40, but her husband being more than 30 years her senior… well you understand.

The operation is all very discreet and when needed her grace takes care to slip away to a quiet corner of the estate for her submissions. Once upon a time she was adamantly resistant to baring her bottom to receive the strap, cane and more often the birch. Now as a more mature woman she finds it altogether cleansing for the soul. Although I most own that she cannot sit a horse for a week or two afterwards or sit upon anything for three or four days and only then with the aid of a cushion.

I know of this state of affairs after I was engaged some years ago to deal with a giddy niece of hers. The niece, although of marriageable age, defiantly spent her time with a bohemian set until she was compelled to submit to my guidance. It took almost a year to tame the girl, but tame her I did. In the end she would willing and respectfully fetch a stout hall brush and request a sound bare bottom spanking, all at my slightest suggestion. The alternatives were quite challenging you see.

I shall tell you more of this and other tales when we meet.

Yours Jane Carlisle,
Clifton November 1891


My Dear Miss Carlisle,

I most humbly apologise for my slip and I see that I have strayed far from your lessons. Perhaps you will have work to do after all. Of course I speak in jest.

However, on the subject of your professional services I might have more to say. Since first writing to you I have heard things about my neighbours ward. A comely girl of 19 or 20, I forget which. She has rejected many suitors and now proposes to set up as a photographer. She has no means, although her guardian is an earl.

I will say no more for now. Your wise words about widows, matrons and duchesses have been turning and tumbling through my mind and I have scarce been able to sleep. I cannot wait for your arrival and to see what you are bringing.

I look forward to your visit.

Yours very humbly,


To be continued…

Vintage Sunday


A Mixed bag this week. Woodstock from the 1960s, a 1970s images with 1940, 1890 and 1930.

! A governess3

The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

I see that you at least learned something and it was after all just a small slip. But do remember to address the world with confidence and own the truth. As you know I cannot stand meek and retiring women. You are no longer the child you once were and have been a married woman, but I have been called upon by husbands as well as fathers to deal with married women before, even mothers. So be thankful that I am your friend and no longer your governess. After all you are not too old to go over my knee.

As for Brunhilde and her sisters, well such tales will keep until we meet. Do you yet have any dates to suggest?

Yours Jane,
Clifton November 1891


Dear Miss Carlisle or may I call you Miss Jane?

I thank you for your understanding and I quite agree on all you said. Most especially with the very last point you made. I am so glad you call me a friend; you do not know how happy that makes me.

You have no idea how much I look forward to hearing of your adventures. Is it true that married women are often spanked? Are they also birched or caned? Is this common in Germany?

What about women who were once married but may now be widowed? Are they ever spanked and are any concessions ever made for their experience? After all you cannot possibly mean that a matron, even a fairly young one such as I should be in anyway disrobed or such an operation?

As for dates, well I see very few people here at Darnley, you may come any time. I wonder if the weekend next would suit you? If you wish to come for lunch on Friday or even the night before; then that would be for all the better. My carriage can pick you up from the station and deliver you back on Monday morning.

Yours hopefully Amelia,
Darnley, November 1891

To be continued

! Letters2

The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

If you are going to quote from a book, even mine, then do so correctly. I believe I wrote: “There is nothing so good for a girl as a thorough birching on the completely bare bottom.” Were you being coy or just sloppy? Perhaps you have forgotten my other key adage: “A sound spanking should be as long, painful and as humiliating as possible;” perhaps I was too soft on you?

I jest of course. Forgive me.

I have recently been in Prussia and I must own that compared to the usual English Miss those Germanic types have a far harsher time of it. One of my employers was a Berlin Industrialist. He has three daughters, all above 17 at the time of my engagement. He required me to take a hard line with them all whilst they lived under his roof. This requirement applied too to the eldest who at 23 was married but had been living under his roof due to her husband serving away in the army.

On one occasion or another I have birched them all soundly, although their father was an advocate of the cane. The cane applied to an already birched bottom is most effective as I am sure you can attest.

Last Summer I birched all three young ladies, one after the other for some gross defiance organised by the eldest. The middle girl was 21 by this time and thought herself above such treatment. I soon persuaded her otherwise. Once well thrashed I had all three promenade around the rose garden with their skirts and petticoats pinned to their waists. I am sure the gardener’s boy was most amused.

The eldest, Brunhilde, was also soundly caned that evening for her leadership and the middle girl I spanked every day that week. The latter being required to dress in a Prussian school girl outfit for the experience to take her down a peg.

Yours Jane Carlisle,
Clifton, November 1891


My Dear Miss Carlisle,

I have nothing to forgive, it is I who must beg your forgiveness.

Sometimes I think you were too soft on me. You are right of course I knew the quote, how could I not? I was just hesitant to write the words ‘bare bottom’ out loud so to speak. I should be made to write out the quote one hundred times for my silliness; that and the other excellent adage, “A sound spanking should be as long, painful and as humiliating as possible;” which is true wisdom in this age of laxity. Sometimes I fear for the Empire and that the more disciplined Germans will get the better of us.

Please do tell me more of your adventures and most especially about Brunhilde and her sisters. How delightfully awful it must have been to be treated so as a married woman.

Yours most humbly,

Amelia, Darnley November 1891

To be continued


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