We have a lot going on and the spanking world is getting busier. A lot of updates this week – too many to review.

The headline has to be the return of Emma Bishop, professional actress and part time spanking model who retired a couple of years back. She has a new site and a blog. Thanks to James Stephenson for the heads up.

Also after a break Dreams of Spanking have a new video featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford as an errant nanny.

Vanilla Spanking have some oldies in an article about the hairbrush from 1860 and its transition from domestic spanking appliance to fetish tool.

Oh and the image I used briefly to illustrate the mentor article was from Shadow Lane. They didn’t ask me to take it down, and have kindly allowed me use some of their images in the past, but to avoid any misunderstanding I have replaced it. You can find the video it was from here.

Most of the images here were taken from other blogs and are duly credited below, but if I have used an image that is yours I will take it down on request or give you a linked credit if that is worth anything to you.

Do check out the professional produces linked below.

Other pictures were found at Dallas, Devlin, AAA, Grumpy Old Fart, Chicago Spanking Review, Contemporary Life, and Ronnie Soul.


! ! ! Governess10

The correspondence began here.

My Dear Miss Carlisle,

Here is the letter you asked me to write. I have included the 200 lines of penance you ordered following our little chat. I trust they are satisfactory as they took me quite some time to write and I must confess I felt like a school girl again as I committed them to paper. Just thinking of it I can scarcely draw a breath and I am still quite red at both ends.

I wrote both the lines of shame and this letter standing at my desk for I am as of yet quite unable to sit down.

As you most strongly suggested I write to thank you for your guidance and for what you did.

Reading this back I know it is inadequate and you would be quite vexed with me if I left it at that.

During your visit our discussion in the drawing room was like it was before and I was as nervous as a kitten once I deduced that you were serious about taking me in hand again. I wish to thank you for allowing me to send Kathy on an errand to the village and I am well aware that you view the concession of the privacy this afforded a privilege and a favour and not something I can always count on if I should fail to behave.

I also thank you for allowing me to retain my skirts, which you so kindly pinned one by one into the small of my back. Although I must confess that I was mortified when you took possession of my drawers and left me quite exposed below the waist at my hindmost part.

That hairbrush was a beastly thing and gave me no quarter as it was addressed to my naked posterior, how it hurt and my cries must have been heard beyond the house. How many hours did you spank me? It seemed like days at the time and I must apologise for my unseemly pleading but it hurt so and I could not stop crying. How un-English of me.

I know not how long you had me stand in the corner afterwards that too seemed like a veritable age. I was quite afraid that Kathy would return and spy me there. My behind was so red and hot after and the poor girl was quite confused when I sent her for ice and inquired as to whether I had a head ache. If only she knew it was quite to the contrary.

I hope this confessional and description is adequate and as directed I thank you humbly for my correction. I enclose a cheque for your troubles and reluctantly I engage your services forthwith.

Now let me write of happier matters, well speaking for myself anyway.

I felt the meeting with the Comptons was most successful. Ruth Compton was taken quite by surprise by our visit and although Sir John took his leave early in the proceedings, I know that he was most satisfied with your methods. Lady Eugenia certainly was. Although I rather think Ruthie was much less so.

Her indignation when you were introduced as her new governess was a delight. I hope I can be forgiven for such schadenfreude. Her protests and demonstrations were all the more amusing as you demonstrated that she very much was not too old for a good sound spanking.

I have no idea how you managed it, for it seemed to me that you overwhelmed her with scolding words than much force and although I watched most carefully in some delight I could not quite see how you stripped her to her petticoats so quickly.

Her bare bottom was quite fulsome as you upended it over your lap and even her mother stifled a smile as you address her naked behind with the self-same hairbrush that I was later to be so cruelly acquainted with.

The fuss she made exceeded my own, I feel, and by a country mile and it took a goodly while to subdue her to a sobbing puddle as she deserved. By then of course her bottom was such a dark red that it leaned towards plum. Defeated and still exposed she looked quite a sight stood in the corner like a nursery brat. I never enjoyed tea so much.

I was wondering how long she would remain so meek when she herself rebelled. Two spankings in one day, I dare say she will not sit down for a month. Will you really order a nursery rig for her? A childish sailor suit yet? I cannot breathe with the thought of it.

Lady Eugenia asked me to ask you if you would consider a live in position. Will you? I both hope and fear you will say yes as it will put you close at hand.

Yours humbly and in gratitude


To be continued…

Mentor Mine


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A few years back I wrote about a professional woman who sought and found a spanking mentoring relationship with another older professional woman. We speculated then whether this was a common need among women. It seems that for some it is.

Here are a few more such situations.

Tiffany from Boston wrote a testimonial for a professional spanking mentor called Jenifer.

Let me start of with a little bit about me and why I decided to see Jennifer. I am a college educated professional woman. I have a decent job and kids. I am also involved in my community and stuff like that. I mention this because when I was going through this process all the way up till I had my session with Jen I kept trying to talk myself out of it. Because I was “normal” and I didn’t need to do this. But I knew that I needed to do something to get my life back on track. And I think I made the best decision.

Anyway, about a month ago I was feeling lost and I sort of felt like my life was getting out of control. I am a very in control type of person so this was weighing on me. So I did a random google search for “spanking therapy” I honestly didn’t even know it was a thing. The first thing I saw was a buzzfeed video. I watched it and I was like that’s nothing I can do that. Then I looked to find someone who does this type of stuff professionally. I saw a lot of crazy/sex stuff and I absolutely did not want that. There was nothing sexual in what I was looking for. That’s when I saw Jen’s site. I spent a long time looking at it and reading everything. I learned really quick that the buzzfeed video wasn’t a realistic picture of spanking therapy or what Jen did.

After going back and forth for a few days I clicked the link the join the site, so I could read the forum. With in like a day I got an email from Jen welcoming me to the site and asking what I was looking for. I was looking for life coaching with discipline. I needed to be held accountable. You could tell by her emails she was super sweet and nice. She recommended that I ask questions on the forum, which I did. Everyone was really nice and answered my questions. The one thing that stood out to me was that for the people on the forum this wasn’t really about spanking it was about changing your life and fixing things you have always wanted too.  They had a super positive experience with this and it helped them and I wanted that too.

So, I filled out the application. Within 48 hours I heard back and Jen accepted my application and she wanted to see me in less than 2 weeks! I pretty much knew in my heart that I was going to do this but it did take me a couple of days to process things and set up my appointment. Then came the phone call. I was super nervous all day about it. But pretty much as soon as I heard her voice and we started talking I immediately relaxed. It’s really hard to explain she has this way of making you feel at ease, even on the phone.

A week after the call I had my session. Honestly I was so torn with everything I was about to do. I sort of felt like I was going crazy. Even though I read everything on the site and listened to podcasts a little part of me was nervous and was wondering if what I was doing was safe, mentally and physically.

All those feeling pretty much instantly went away when I met her.  She has a very welcoming personality. She make you feel very comfortable about what you are about to do and what’s going to happen. She is so professional about everything that I never really felt awkward. She made me feel very safe. It’s hard to explain but I just trusted her and trusted that she knew better than me and that she could help me.

I have only had one session but I already feel like I have a different outlook on things. I am positive about what I need to do and I feel like I am gaining control back.  This was 100% a positive experience for me and I look forward to my next session.

Nor was she alone.

Francine wrote of the same mentor:

We talked and as we did, I really felt that she cared. She truly, genuinely cared. I don’t often run into real people, but from the moment I first met Miss Jen, I felt like she cared and that I could blindly trust her. I even made the comment, “You’re like a real friend. You really care!” We talked for awhile and then she said it was time. I so did not want it to be time. I think I even looked at my watch and said, “But my time is up.” I even said, “This was a great session, why ruin such a great thing?” Yeah, none of it got me out of the spanking part of the session.

There other professional women, young and old, single professionals and those married with children.

Nor is Jenifer alone in offering such a life style.

I found this comment from Antonia who reported an encounter with a barrister, Elizabeth, which changed her life.

I was well into my twenties and a little lost frankly. I earned good money as a freelance secretary and office manager and had even bought a decent flat in London, but there was no one in my life and I was self-centred, selfish and led a totally vacuous life. I was drinking too much and even abusing drugs.

I met Elizabeth in a café of all places. There was something about her that struck me immediately, she had poise and was so cool and collected. I remember she had a hat box on the table for her lawyers wig and I used it as a conversation piece. I am sure she thought me rude and gushing, but for some reason we started talking and I totally opened up to her. At the time I did not think this strange at all. She told she had been like me at the same age and we agreed to meet the following week.

At the second meeting she asked me if I had ever been spanked. I remember looking around to see if anyone was listening, but I didn’t know what to say so shook my head. Then she told me about her mentor of many years and how once a month they would meet and discuss things and then she would be held accountable. By then I knew how.

After talking a lot over several weeks and I knew what I was getting into I went to her house. I was incredibly curious and not to say terrified. She had told me that I could call it off at any point but if I did then it would be over. I had agreed to this.

After a serious talking to about my life she told me to partially undress and go stand in the corner. It was embarrassing and I was well out my comfort zone but I also felt kind of safe. What I hadn’t expected was that it would hurt. Over her knee at first was more unsettling than painful but that very quickly changed and by the end of the first spanking I had a very hot red bottom.

After about 10minutes in the corner again she gave me another spanking that really broke me down and I was properly crying by the end.

Those first three sessions were pretty tame compared to what followed and sometimes I cannot sit easily for days afterwards. Over the last nine years I have had some pretty wild sessions with her, things I would not have believed or agreed to when we started.

These days I don’t see her as often but cannot imagine life without seeing her at least half a dozen times a year.

Vintage Sunday


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dt10_200LSF have published another collection of my work. Disciplinary Tales Issue 10.

This issue of Disciplinary Tales features the following stories:

A Hapless Girl: Carolynn is a naughty girl, first for messing around with a married man, secondly for being 45 minutes late back to work at lunchtime. But her employer, Mr Black, knows exactly how to deal with her. He knows exactly what she needs: a firm spanking, then a dose of the cane followed by a spell in the corner.

A Housemaster by Proxy: Cary plucks up courage to visit a disciplinarian, Tom, who begins the session by giving her a good sound spanking and finishes with six of the best with the cane. She soon gets caught up in the role play, and the realization of her fantasy.

The Paradox Correction: At various times in her life, Charlotte is spanked by a mysterious man. The first time is when she is a cheerleader, and she later finds out her spanker is called Adam, and that he is on a life-saving mission from the future.

Jane and the Cane: Jane waits nervously for the headmaster to come and deal with her. It is Saturday and she is in detention, soon to be followed by six of the best. But perhaps things aren’t quite what they seem…

Seeking the Hunter: Peter Hunter and Jennifer have an argument in the office. Risking dismissal, Peter gets to grips with the situation by putting Jennifer over his lap for a well-deserved spanking.

Spanks for Pranks: Jackie makes a nuisance of herself all evening, and later puts make-up on John, her friend’s sleeping husband. When he wakes, John is not amused. He spanks his wife – and Jackie too.

Good Old Bad Old Days: At almost 22, Cassie thinks she’s too old to get spanked but when her folks hear she has got an F in her latest college assignment, they send Mr Tillman round to encourage her to get better grades.

The Wendover Rebellion: The scandalous behaviour displayed by Emily and Rachel has brought the Corrigan College for Young Ladies into disrepute. The Dean formulates a painful and humiliating punishment in lieu of expulsion, and the two young ladies are suitably chastised.



I am having a mare with the connectivity. Surfing the web and updating myself on the community is proving to be a waste of the first day I have had off in months.

While I am here, thank you for all your best wishes over the holiday and all the emails that have come in since. I have not had much time to reply as yet and those to whom I have replied have had very short rushed missives. Sorry about that.

Back to this week.

Ronnie has recounted her first spanking with rose petals. Picture above.

Other pictures were found at Devlin, Contemporary Spanking, and the Annex.


! ! Governess08

The correspondence began here.

My dear Amelia,

Did you but know it you have taken a very brave step by admitting and embracing your needs. When I next see you we will indeed discuss how a certain young lady might benefit from my guidance and I just know where to begin. On that I will say no more.

Now as matters stand I will be with you Friday next, that is assuming your offer of accommodation still stands. As you may know I have an engagement to meet the Comptons and if you are free, perhaps you can join us to effect an introduction.

I hope this letter finds you well and we will have that talk very soon. I must sign off now as duty calls.


Jane Carlisle


Dear Miss Carlisle,

It was with some trepidation that I received your letter and I am quite afraid now that my courage may fail me. In my enthusiasm I wonder if I was not too rash and wonder if perhaps you misunderstood me. No doubt things will become clear when next we meet.

As for your visit, of course you may stay here at Darnley. Further, I would very much be glad to join you for your first visit at the Compton’s.

I do not know what else to write just now, my head is quite spinning.

Your friend,


To be continued

Vintage Sunday


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Amid the usual pictures there are two interesting extras. Firstly Vanilla Spanking has great feature on the spanking of 1920s ballerinas, which ended in a duel and an agreement that the Ballet Master had every right to spank his students.

Also Ronniehas a list of new spanking blogs for you to enjoy.

The images were found at: Chicago Spanking, Devlin, Contemporary Life, Spanking blogg and Real Spankings.

! ! ! Governess08a
The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

You last letter was an admixture of impertinence and ill-disciplined ramblings. How many times in the past were you told to order your thoughts before committing them to paper? As for the other matter, I know of the wild doings of certain young ladies that you alluded to and have many remedies for such. Also I must press you that on no account should you ride a horse astride, the very idea. Perhaps you do indeed need my guidance.

You have many questions and no doubt in due course I will answer them, for now let me guide you in the central thrust of your inquiries.

Firstly you wish to know if a widow such as yourself would benefit from my tutorage? The answer is an emphatic yes.

Secondly you wish to know if a woman above 30 is too old to go across my knee for a good sound bare bottom spanking? The answer is an equally emphatic no.

Thirdly you wish to know if women up to and beyond 30 are often spanked, caned, birched and otherwise severely chastised? Know this, indeed they very much are.

Finally, beyond the details, you wish to know if such arrangements are discreet. This is less easy to answer. For of course in the main they are, but sometimes in some regards these things involve necessary elements of shaming and can vary in the details of their operation.

In one case a woman of my professional acquaintance invited me to tea every second Saturday, this day being her maid’s afternoon off. Over tea and biscuits we would discuss her recent behaviour and general attitude and if found deficient she would have her skirts pinned up and I would take her across my knee for a long sound bare bottom spanking. She would then stand in the corner for the duration of the afternoon or until I felt she was sufficiently repentant.

On occasion I would resort to the cane or birch and make her a very sorry young lady indeed and one unable to sit down for some many days after.

This arrangement worked very well for the both of us until one afternoon the maid returned unaccountably early and entered the drawing room unannounced. The said lady having been recently spanked and at that time facing the corner with her very red rounds so completely exposed was utterly mortified.

The maid, who I suspect had long been acquainted with facts, did not turn a hair and asked if we required more tea.

After that I recruited the maid to aid in shaming the woman. The added benefit of this was that the girl could serve to ease the grazes and abrasions following a heavy session and was on hand to assist in certain other operations.

I hope that goes some way to answer you curiosity.


Jane Carlisle.


My Dear, dear Miss Carlisle,

How I blush to read your last letter and I have read it over and over.

When you next visit perhaps we can discuss how a certain lady close to us both might benefit in future from such guidance.

Yours very truly,


To be continued


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