I did once hope to start a whole new genre of spanking fiction, but sadly it seems it is not to be. Iron and Leather, a collection of short stories steampunk spanking stories, is the book that has sold least of all.

You can buy it here.

However, most of the stories can still be found on this blog if you want to check them out and maybe get an insight into why this genre has so far failed to capture people’s imagination.

The Curious Case of Amelia Craven

The Machine

Iron and Leather

The Iron Governor



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I have added a new blog to my links, Spanking Muse, I like banner. I wonder how it will develop.

Images this week are from: Dallas, Dreams of Spanking, Heart and Soul and Asa Jones.

Vintage Sunday


It has been a busy week at work so less posts. Also the CMS company have changed how the blog works and their improvements and simplifications are impossible to fathom and seem much more limited so far. Images are very complicated and every bloody link requires CCS type specified or some such thing. I used to do this for a living but I am rusty and in any case I do not want to do any programming just to quickly post something. As a consequence I am not sure I can publish more than one image at a time without setting up a image config every time I want to publish and as yet I haven’t even been able to work out how to do that.

I do have time for a quick shameless plug. This partly in response to a couple of inquiries about my books.

John K asked, ‘Are all my stories included on this blog’ and Jane69 dropped me a mail to ask ‘do I ever contribute to other publications.’

The answer to the first is no. There are several stores for various reasons are no longer on this blog or mostly never were. The ones listed above are as far as I know only available in this form. Magic and the Academy were once here but were removed for technical or publication reasons. The Russell Corner has been available in print (and still is in the US, so I am told). The Exit Bureau is only available from Amazon or LSF Publications as an E-Book.

The Spanking Hand Book – the authoritative guide to adult discipline, was published in Australia and I contributed one chapter.

I have also contributed to other publications, principally the LSF, but that has only one or two short stories and articles not published here.



This week Ronnie has a new list of new spanking blogs.

Contemporary Spanking has a husband-wife realistic OTK spanking, along with some other pictures.

Vanilla Spanking has a feature on Keep it Up Downstairs, a comedy movie from the 1970s.

Asa’s Spanking Emporium has some great pictures, cribbed a couple above.

The pros are a bit quiet though. I guess it is hard to shoot a spanking during lock down, although many here might regard it as an essential industry.

Other images were found at: Dreams of Spanking, and Devlin O’Neil,

Vintage Sunday




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wolf 38

Part I here

Warning this story contains very graphic sex

John had been spanking Alice for at least 15 minutes and although he was only using the flat of his hand the burn put the hapless woman in mind of a spiked running shoe. For the first three or four dozen spanks she had gritted her teeth in defiant pride, but truly she had no merit to stand on and even in her own mind never had anyone ever deserved a spanking more.

She had set brother against brother and now both twins were taking turns to hand out just retribution,

“John, John, John…” Alice was shrill, “No more, please I’m sorry,” she wailed.

Adam leaned forward where he sat in the chair and rested his fist on his chin adopted a thinker pose. “She says she is sorry,” he said mockingly, “I have to say that bottom is pretty red, maybe she has a point.”

“Maybe,” John grunted as he slammed the palm of his hand across her bare bottom again and again to make her squirm. “Alice, how sorry are you?” he broke off to ask as he leaned down.

Alice was wet-eyed but not bawling not yet. She could feel his breath on his neck and if hadn’t been for the aching sting in her bottom she would have revelled in the closeness to him just then. She had screwed up, but at least they hadn’t given up on her.

“Very sorry,” she sniffed in answer.

“Sorry enough to take your spanking like a good girl?” John asked as he menaced her tormented flesh with hard fingers.

His fingers strayed to her hot inner core; her shame-red face was not the only place she was wet. A certain humbled kitten was betraying her shamelessly.

Alice sagged across his lap panting hard. She was sorry enough, but running out of fortitude.

“Perhaps she needs a little rest to think about it,” Adam suggested with a chuckle. “Then she can show us how sorry she really is.”

John spanked her once to make her gasp. “Maybe we should go and give up on her?” he said.

“Please, no,” Alice blurted, “I mean…”

John set her on her feet and then pointed to the corner.

“You’re kidding,” she gasped. She looked at Adam for a rescue.

All he said was, “Hands on head.”

Alice gaped at him and then with a glare did as she was told; slapping her hands down atop her head with an angry defiance. “Satisfied,” she spat. She was standing now with her bare behind pointing into the room as she stood like an errant teen in the corner.

John and Adam eyed the fulsome curves of her red hot bottom. “Oh I think so, for now anyway,” John chuckled as his brother nodded.

“Ooh,” Alice groaned and made a little stamp with her foot.

“Your turn next,” John said to his brother. “What were you thinking, belt, switch, hairbrush… all three?”

Adam grinned. “We have time yet,” he said, “But first she has to thank you properly for giving her a much needed spanking.”

John laughed. “Hey yes, we could have her write a nice lawyer’s thank you letter and send it to us from her office; countersigned by her boss of course.”

“Maybe that too,” Adam snorted, “But I have another idea.” He stood up and crossed the room to lean nonchalantly next to the humbled Alice. Then he whispered in her ear.

The spanked and cornered woman turned her head to look at John and for a second she looked angry; and then intensely confused.

“I am done with your teasing. If you have learned your lesson we can go, but if you want in…” he shrugged.

Alice straightened up and turned around. Then kicking off the jeans that had still been tangled around her ankles she stood unashamed in just her blouse, leaving her naked from the waist down, her pubic triangle defiantly exposed. As if influenced by the two men who held her erotically captured, she had a bestial look now.

Like the woman, John was breathing heavily through his mouth and was suddenly even tighter in his pants as Alice walked purposefully towards him.

“This is Adam’s idea,” she said huskily as she knelt in front of him.

For a moment John was startled. Alice was supposed to be being punished, a thought that made his captive friend twitch. Then it was free.

Alice was on her knees in front of him and no longer looking cowed. Her eyes had a hungry wanton look as if some beast has possessed her. She didn’t remember men being so big as she took him in her hands.

It was John now who was out of his comfort zone. Not with her, but Adam was watching in amusement. However, his brother only shrugged as Alice kissed the engorged head of John’s penis.

“Alice you don’t have to…” John gasped.

“Shush,” she breathed, “It is alright, I am not a child. You have city folk consent.” She knew the man cared very much about that and she loved him for it. Just as she loved that Adam didn’t give a fuck and would take what he wanted. Then she took the head of John’s cock in her mouth and lightly sucked it like a plum.

John groaned.

Behind them Adam leaned forward to study the act intensely. His eyes could not help drinking in Alice’s jutting red bottom as she bent to her task. “Alice,” he whispered in a taught voice, “I am so not done spanking you.”

Alice thrilled at the promise and supressed the urged to grind the air, but just then she was more obsessed with John’s manhood. Already her mouth was full, yet she drew him in deeper with sex-kissed lips marvelling at his seemingly endless length.

John took her head in his hands and leaned towards her face.

Adam looked on in awe, never had a woman moved him so and he wasn’t yet even in on it. He gazed at her incredible bottom again and was desperate to free himself from his pants. If he unleashed the wolf now he would drive hard into the Alice’s narrow bottom hole and explode. He smiled wolfishly as he retained his control.

Still on her knees, Alice’s lips almost reached John’s balls before she pulled back languidly tugging on his full length as she returned to suckling just the engorged head. He grunted.

“Let us not rush this,” Adam grinned and began to undress, “Save some for me.”

A panting Alice took a breath and glanced back eagerly. She was in freefall now and she didn’t care what happened next so long as it didn’t stop. She wasn’t surprised when a naked Adam knelt behind her, and only a glancing thought that her mother would disown her as a whore if she ever found out. That idea strangely thrilled her too.

Adam entered her firmly from behind and she nearly came. She wanted John to spend first so she sucked down hard.

“Not so fast,” Adam breathed and withdrew his cock from her hot wetness and touched the tip of his manhood against her narrower bud. Then slowly and firmly he pressed the head of his penis to Alice’s smaller orifice until it gave way and he entered her tight passage. She gasped, her eyes flying wide in surprise, but she pushed back to admit the man until she impaled at both ends.

Momentarily releasing her mouth from John she gasped, “Oh my God,” then she quickly retrieved her new toy with her mouth, the sensation was incredible. She imaged one long cock joining the two men through her so that she was at one.

“Easy now, let’s make this last,” Adam said, “If anyone comes too soon I am going to spank you so hard you won’t wear panties for a month and then we will start over.”

Alice gurgled something and worked her mouth eagerly.

They worked at it for several minutes until Alice thought she would pop. The Adam said thickly, “Let’s change ends.”

“What?” Alice gasped as she released the still rampant John, but Adam lifted her by the hips and unceremoniously dropped her on all fours onto the bed.

Without being told John moved behind her and like Adam entered her bottom easily.

“Jesus, that’s… that’s…” Alice rolled her eyes back into her head and by the time she was paying attention Adam has put his clean shiny cock to her mouth.

Alice gasped but the thought of where it had just been drove her wild and with an eager instinct she took it into her mouth.

“My God woman,” Adam groaned, and leaned down to whisper, “You are so getting another spanking.”

To be continued…



Today has just a round of oldies and quite a few cartoons in the same vein.

Vanilla Spanking has an article about Upstairs Downstairs and some stills from a spanking scene in that.

The Spanking Emporium has some vintage shots.

Kia has an article on submission and self analysis.

Other images were found at: Au Fil des Jours, Heart and Soul, Spanking Blog, Dreams of Spanking, Chicago Spanking Review and Spanking Magazines.

wolf 37
Part I here

Alice sat on the bed gripping the covers clenched with both hands. She felt sick. What had come over her? The idea of two men fighting over her was exciting, but the pain on the brothers’ face was something she never wanted to see again. She only wanted… wanted… she let out a wail and stamped her foot. She wanted to tear up the world. How could she have been so… what… stupid? It was beyond stupid.

“You fucking bitch,” she spat and stamped her foot again. “You selfish teen brat destructive… fucking bitch.”

She tried to calm herself and again she felt sick. She actually wanted to vomit.

Alice realised she was panting hard and felt dizzy. After she apologised she would leave. She thought making the decision would make her feel better, but the thought of leaving made her panic. She bowed her head went back through the same cycle of emotions.

Alice might have spun herself around in misery for hours, but there was a knock at the door.

“Don’t pussyfoot around,” a male voice snarled, adding, “Out of my way.”

Adam strode into the room looking like he hated her. Behind him was a stern-faced John.

Alice could not look at them and dipped her head as if scanning the floor for salvation.

Adam too could find no words and wondered what he was even doing there. Never before had a woman come between him and John. Why were they bothering with her?

“Alice,” John began and when she didn’t respond he said again more sharply, “Alice.”

She looked up, misery like a mask on her face.

“Do you love either of us?” John asked. He looked as if he was about to fall off a very high mountain.

Alice swallowed and after a pause she could only nodded.

“No lies now,” Adam snarled. He looked as if he might punch her.

“No, no lies,” Alice took a deep breath and dipped her gaze again.

“It is Adam isn’t it?” John said in a hopeless voice.

Alice looked up suddenly undefeated. “No you fool, can’t you see that? Jesus I think I am going insane. I love both of you.” She looked at Adam for some hope that he already knew that.

John’s face was suddenly alive and she wanted to run to him. The with a more assertive tone he pressed her, “You have to choose”.

Adam half smiled and shot his brother a quizzical look, “Why?” he shrugged.

John frowned and looked at him as if for the first time.

“She can’t stay, can she, not forever, let’s face it. She isn’t one of us. But if this is… what? Just some kind of holiday romance,” he allowed his cynicism full rein and added, “then why does she have to choose?”

Alice was incredulous and suddenly strangely excited.

“You mean…?” John gaped.

Alice straightened up from her place sitting on the bed and pushed back a little. “Tell me Adam, do you love me?”

“Yes,” he spat without the least hesitation. “I think from the moment I saw you.” He looked at John and shrugged.

His younger twin only nodded.

“So what then, you share me?” Alice’s head spun with the idea, but everything she had been taught riled against it.

“Maybe,” Adam shrugged, “But first there is another matter that needs attending to,” he said.

Alice tried to form a question with her mouth, but it was as if she already knew but her mind was still playing catch up.

“First, John is going to give you the soundest spanking you ever, ever got. Hell that any girl ever got,” Adam smiled, but his eyes were sharp.

Alice gasped and felt her heart race.

“Then you’re going to spank her,” John smirked.

“Oh yes,” Adam’s smile extended to a grin.

“… And I guess duty and pride demands that you best my efforts,” John chuckled.

“But of course,” Adam had removed his leather jacket and was now rolling up his sleeves.

Alice gulped and although she did not stand up, she visibly backed up.

“Then you are going to punish her in any way you see fit or until she vows never to trouble us again,” Adam spoke to his brother as if Alice wasn’t there. “I might add something if I still think she needs it, depends if she learns to be a good girl or not.”

“Adam… John… listen I know…” Alice protested as she looked frantically from brother to brother.

John tossed his own jacket onto a chair and sat down beside her. Then he crooked his finger to beckon her draw near.

“Please John… I’m…” she spluttered.

“Sorry?” he supplied, “Is that it?” With a growl he grabbed her by the arm and hauled her across his lap.

Yes, she thought, she was. However, something told her she was only beginning to understand the meaning of that particular word.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go first?” John asked his brother with a grin.

Adam grinned back, happy to see that his brother had returned to his old self. “No, you get started, I’ll catch up.”

“Guys,” Alice wailed, “Please don’t…” then she gasped as she felt John’s thumb hook at the band of her denims and then tugged until the button in front popped.

“You want out?” John said in a low voice dripping in menace, “you want to hide behind city-folk consent? But I am monster remember?”

Alice was breathing fast, her head was reeling. “You’re not,” she replied breathily. She was scared and something else. She chose this, she knew that now, and in any case after what she had done maybe she had it coming. Maybe if she was less proud she might even admit that.

“Not what?” John asked sharply, misunderstanding her words, “Doing this? Oh my girl, you have no idea.”

He finished dragging her jeans down to her knees and noticed that her panties had come down with them. Damn she had an ass, he thought, but the not-so-little man in his own pants was way, way ahead of him.

Alice could not help a wild flush as she shot a look of panic at a grinning Adam; she was half naked in front of two men. Then John seized her attention by cupping her bottom.

“This is a nice milky white,” John soothed.

“Alabaster I think they call it,” Adam said knowingly as if discussing a fine wine, “and look at those curves,” he whistled appreciatively. Then he made a mocking frown. “Hey didn’t we make that tail end red already? I am sure I did.”

John nodded sagely and followed his brother’s gaze. “Yeah, you know I think we did. I guess we did a lousy job.”

“Sadly yes,” Adam said gloomily, “So I suppose there is only one thing for it.”

Alice was mouth-breathing now and her eyes rolled back like a newly bridled pony. “Guys, come on,” she wailed.

“I think our high and mighty lawyer is beginning to catch on,” John chuckled.

“Not so high or mighty today, more of a brat I would say,” Adam replied.

“Y-you… you b…” Alice spluttered and began to struggle.

John slapped her hard. Alice froze in a gasp and gaped in awe at the breath-taking sting.

“I think that got her attention,” Adam laughed.

Alice was still processing the burn when John spanked her again.

“Bastard,” she blurted and began to twist. Then gasping heavily she wailed, “I didn’t mean that, I…”

“Dear oh dear,” John sighed.

Adam offered him a mock shrug.

“Look I mean…” Alice squirmed.

“Belt?” Adam suggested.

“Or we could have her go and cut a couple switches,” John countered.

“Oh a dozen at least and just as nature attired her,” Adam chuckled.

Alice’s eyes started in her head and she prayed they were joking.

John addressed himself back to Alice’s bare bottom and rapidly pump-spanked her with his powerful arm in a rapid volley that left the woman bucking and yelling. “Something on account,” he told her and then repeated the action.

“Oh please,” she wailed, “I’m sorry.”

“Are you? I wonder,” John mused aloud and began spanking her vigorously again.

By now Alice’s bottom was a deep pink and yielding to red in a series of angry blotches around the lower curves. She was also panting heavily as if sprinting from hungry wolves. However, to the two beast that now held her captive, this was more of a long slow marathon.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” Alice blustered, “Can’t we talk about this.”

“Are those tears?” Adam asked, ignoring her pleas.

John firmly but gently cupped her chin and turned her face towards him. “The first of many don’t you think?” he said and then set down to giving Alice the longest hardest spanking he had ever given anyone.

To be continued

Vintage Sunday





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