I am away this week so this might (or might not be) the last post until Sunday. I also have the added complication of car trouble with both cars off the road.

I did watch Spank Me Harder, a UK Channel 5 documentary on BDSM sex workers who are into what they do. It was not particularly erotic watching and although the filmmakers did their best, I didn’t think they conveyed any real insights as it was very much outsiders looking in. But at least it was told in the women’s own eyes and in a non-judgemental way. The biggest break through was that the programme explored M/F and to a lesser extent F/F dominance/submission. If you check it out be aware that some scenes were quite graphic.

Vanilla Spanking has a series of pictures (perhaps taken from Richard Windsor) on the Play Men Are Like Street Cars.

Images this week are from: Devlin, AAA, Musings, the Spanking Emporium and Spanking Blog.

1 A Anette3

Part 1 here.

Anette had never considered being on the other side of the punitive experience. She had been in this room hundreds of times, either standing at the console or in the middle of the room wielding a cane or some such. After all usually she was the Queen of Pain and Mistress of Miscreants. Her tummy turned a summersault. The padded top of the punishment bench looked cold and cruel.

Anette licked her lips and tugged at the hem of her short grey prison smock. Dan was nothing but thorough and she was sure he had picked the smallest gown on purpose. As much as she tugged it down it still rode up in back and she just knew he could see her bare bottom.

“Are we going to do this or what?” she said in a heavy tone hung between sullen and bravado.

Dan swivelled his gaze at her but said nothing as he scanned the vid screen for the guidance notes.

“Dan, look… I didn’t really do anything…” she started.

He paused. “Of course not… well apart from unauthorised use of equipment, misuse of public resources, entering a restricted area and…” he held her gaze for effect, “Sexual misconduct at work.”

“What? I…” Anette blustered.

“Well that is how HR would view it, I am pretty sure,” he wasn’t smiling.

“You are enjoying this,” she accused, but her hem rode up and she had to tug it making her seem shy and girlish.

“Maybe… but seriously, a sexual misconduct, even if it wasn’t that… you know how this would play?”

It was true, Anette thought, and returned a sour expression. “Good job it was you who caught me then,” she replied unconvincingly. “Can’t we just…?”

“Can’t we just what?” he shot back at her angrily. “Sure, I could walk away and let it lie. You could hope no one else picks up on this. But if I am going to cover for you… take a chance…”

“You could just…” she wheedled.

“Erase the logs, wipe the tape and tell the service engineer that someone upstairs ran an operational test if it is spotted?” he sighed heavily.

“Yeah I get it, you get to whip my tail and you are doing me the favour,” she muttered.

Dan crossed his arms and took two steps back as he was about to leave.

Anette suddenly felt a hint of panic.

“Well aren’t I?” Dan asked with a shrug.

Anette stamped a petulant foot and grunted, “Oh ah… yes damn it. But…”

“But nothing, you have this coming and you know you do,” Dan said sharply

Anette’s mouth was suddenly dry and she had to work her mouth a little. On long dark nights only in bed she had played out some of the CP sessions she had worked on and in her more adventurous moods she even wondered what being on the receiving end would be like. The reality however was a twist in the guts and more embarrassing than… she swallowed as the heat surged to her face. Other girls survived this and afterwards the wider world scarcely cared.

“Dan…” she gulped down another mouthful of apprehension. “What… I mean how… how much…?”

“A two-parter I think,” Dan said grimly, his face was now thoughtful and he held himself with a professional demeanour as if this was just another job. “We kind of have a freestyle situation here, don’t we? I suggest a work out with the medium paddle until I think you are in a receptive mood and then say… two dozen with the cane.”

Anette sucked in her cheeks and let her mouth open as she sighed. She knew what freestyle meant in practice, but 24 sounded fair under the circumstances. She had feared a 36er.

“I guess,” she whispered.

“Then let’s get this over with,” Dan said sternly. “Bend over the bench.”

Anette took a deep breath and turned to face the padding on the crossbeam. You can do this, she told herself and took another deep breath. She was acutely aware that the hem of her short prison smock was way too short and Dan could already see the lower curves of her naked bottom. He must be loving this, she decided, the cynicism buoying her up. Then she took a step forward and folded herself over the padding so that her bare bottom was uppermost.

Beneath her hips she felt the padding yield, but as gravity tipped her down to elevate her bottom she had never felt so vulnerable. Behind her Dan had already taken up the long handled paddle and moved into position.

“I have always thought that what you really needed was nice long sound spanking to put you in your place,” he said.

As if, she allowed a defiant thought, but knew better than to voice it.

“Ready?” Dan asked.

“No,” Anette spat.

The first swat landed hard and her eyes flew open. The impact had a tang to it and landed like a million bees on the upper curves of her exposed bottom. Anette gasped.

Dan cocked his head to watch Anette’s bottom pinken and then patted the spot and enjoyed her wince. The next swat was harder.

“Ah,” she panted and wiggled her behind enticingly.

It was already hard to get her breath as the sting sizzled and grew even after just two swats. She picked a spot on the wall and tried to face it down as time stood on end. The he spanked her again and she let out a pained yelp.

“Bastard,” she hissed and wagged her bottom like dog to shake out the burn. “Not you,” she told him once she had the breath.

Dan eyed the red stain on her bottom and spanked her again. Following this up with six more as her bottom went red and she began to pant heavily. After 10 swats to get her attention he was ready to pick up the pace. After all, they had a very long way to go.

To be continued…

Vintage Sunday


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This week has been a bit of a car crash and to top it all I have a bad internet connection. I have had time to write for next week and Vintage Sunday is out tomorrow.

Picture from Shadow Lane.



This week I have been having crazy problems with connectivity. I think it is called a Yo-yo connection. I blame the rain. Consequently I haven’t hooked up with many new blogs or even old friends.

I did find a little gem of a video over at Dallas (see pictures above).

Vanilla Spanking found a story with picture of legendary 1980s punk rock star Siouxie Soux getting a spanking.

Other images from AAA, Devlin, Punished Brats, Chicago Spanking, and Contemporary Life (who pointed me at a new artist).

Holodeck Hell


holodeck_200LSF has published Holodeck Hell as an e-publication. Also available from Amazon.

After 18 months on board a star ship, navigation officer Tzara is bored and spends most of her free time in the holodeck, a private virtual reality facility. She has a big advantage over the rest of the crew, thanks to the illegal modification she has purchased which allows her to cheat the holodeck time limits, making two hours last two weeks. When she next accesses the program, she finds herself in a medieval castle setting with a stern but handsome man. He is Lord Galen, and she is his courtesan, bound to serve him for the next 20 years!

Unfortunately for Tzara, the program fails to reset and she is stuck in a world all too real, a world which draws out her darkest fantasies, a world where she can feel the pain of a hard spanking and strapping… for most women are disciplined here as a matter of course, and Lord Galen is very proficient at keeping his newest concubine in check.

Not used to doing as she is told, the feisty, red-haired Tzara finds herself bare bottomed all too often, feeling the pain of hand, strap and paddle, and the promise of further discipline in the future; yet there is pleasure too, from her sensual encounters with her newfound lord and master.

Vintage Sunday


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Just pictures this week.

Although Vanilla Spanking has a little article about a Czech TV comedy that features a spanking.

Also Ronnie has a new list of other blogs for you to explore.

I hope to continue/complete Woman versus the Machine and presently In the Service of the Wolf.

Other images are from Real Spankings, Dallas, AAA, Oaks & Pines (worth it for the stories), Contemporary Life and Devlin.

djbnovellas1_200As previously mentioned, LSF have released a new book of my work. The fact that this offering has previously been published is not that unusual, but be aware if you have bought my books before.

What strikes me as curious is that The Academy is being described as a novella. I don’t want to get lost in semantic arguments here and I am not particularly bothered by the description but my understanding is that a short story is a relatively short work with a single narrative and a novella is a relatively short work with multiple shifts in perspective and character view points.

The Academy, at almost 70,000 words is probably too long to be described as a novella, whilst the other two stories are largely structured as short stories.So strictly speaking none of these three stories are novellas.

That said you can’t argue that if you haven’t read or bought these before then they are good value for money.

The publishers blurb has it:

This three volume box set with over 112,000 words features the previously published novellas by DJ Black: The Academy; The Semester of Standing for Supper; and A Deal with a Dominant Man.

THE ACADEMY: Founded after ‘The Fall’ when the world was changed forever and women outnumber men three to one, the Academy is a place of training for young women between 19 and 25. In this school, teachers are punished as well as the students! Having escaped prison, five new girls are sent to The Academy as an alternative. All are nervous and horrified by the idea of corporal punishment. Kate is particularly brash and insolent, and quite determined that no-one will lay a hand on her, let alone a cane or a paddle. But deep down, she is as scared as the rest. It is not long before the girls plus new arrivals experience the disciplinary regime of The Academy. But who are The Sacred Sisters of Revenge? And is Callie all she appears to be? Deceptions and punishments abound in this erotic tale of adult discipline.

THE SEMESTER OF STANDING FOR SUPPER: Clyburn is a New England women’s college with a proud tradition of firm discipline dating back to 1879. It is 1971, and Hilary, a fourth-year student in her final year of a course in English and History, is following in the footsteps of her Aunt Clarisse who graduated in 1965. However, Hilary’s grades have been slipping and her recent class attendance has been sub par. Her tutor, Professor John Harmon, takes her to task when they next meet in his office, indicating his disappointment with two rounds of his infamous wooden paddle, topped off with the cane. Hilary is aware that if she does not straighten up, he may sentence her to a far more humiliating ordeal. She ends up being debagged, a quaint term for what amounts to a very public correction. By order of Professor Harmon, she must spend the entire week with her bottom uncovered. Such is life at Clyburn, an establishment in which so many butts are blistered and their owners remain standing for supper.

A DEAL WITH A DOMINANT MAN: Thirty-year-old Carolynn Blake is an attractive, high-flying businesswoman, but she pays a price for being over confident when the stock markets crash, leaving her in financial trouble. She turns to her friend and mentor, John Dacia, for advice. Older than she, the wealthy property developer listens to Carolynn’s surprise proposal. With his financial backing, Carolynn convinces him she will make him even richer … and part of the deal is that he gets to mix business with pleasure by spanking her hard and sending her to the corner like a naughty girl.

But Caroline has never been spanked before, and has no idea what to expect. She soon learns! Her changing relationship with John – a lifestyle dominant – takes her way out of her comfort zone. Previously independent, she now has to do as she’s told and is punished for any infractions – with hand, hairbrush and cane. Sometimes she is disciplined in his office. Carolynn is not an easy woman to tame, but John is the man to do it; he can be strict and is very much in control of himself … and her. As time passes, Carolynn gradually learns to accept his dominance over her, and her desire for him grows.

This is the story of their developing relationship, and the way control, authority and discipline shape Carolynn’s character to the extent that she falls in love for the first time…

You can get it here or from Amazon.

Vintage Sunday


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