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Part one here

“Tzang, where the hell have you been?” the captain snarled without looking up from his consul.

“Sorry Sir I have been…” she began, but she didn’t finish.

Captain Tassan was giving his full attention to the screen while his hands danced over buttons and pads like a pianist playing the minute waltz.

Tzara could see that the view plate was filled by the huge globe of a steel grey world that was getting ever bigger even as she looked.

“What can I do?” she asked, but all around her display boards died or flickered in haphazard ways she had only seen in disaster training.

“Not much,” Tassan sighed and finally sat back, for all his efforts he had achieved nothing. “I have uploaded the logs and maydays have been set to automatic,” he explained, “The gravity well has us and even if by a miracle the system would reboot, we will be a smear dirtside before we can hope to break free.”

Tzara gaped at the doom bellow them as it rushed towards them. Then the screen adjusted and for a second she thought they had pulled away.

“Twice magnification now,” the captain muttered.

Tzara jump on her station and ran a rapid diagnostic, “We can… shit, what about…” she ran the numbers, but even as she did so the screen quickly adjusted again and the onrush of the planet below them was seen in real size without the benefit of magnification.

“We can hold her steady just long enough for the escape pods to get away,” Tassan sounded like a man dead. He was.

“Captain?” Tzara said.

“Abandon ship,” he said.

“You’ll need help,” Tzara said and dropped into the co-pilots seat.

Officer Tyler, a young ensign moved to the system auxiliary and began activating the escape pods. It was her first mission out, and unless she fled to a pod straight away, it would be her last. Tzara had always hated the girl, not least because she was young and far too eager, but to some extent because despite cutting her hair down to a blonde buzz cut she was pretty and popular with the crew. Even now her deep blue eyes were alive with hope as if she alone could save the day.

“Captain, I have to reset the core every…” Ginette Strom looked at her chronometer and then slapped the consul, “43 seconds, or else we go into a spin and no one gets off.”

At 30-something Ginette was an old pro in the engineering team and even impending doom did not faze her.

Tassan nodded in resignation. “Good to have you aboard people,” he said.

The rest of the bridge crew stood like lost sheep as the ship began to shake. Tassan looked at them and frowned, “Go people, go, get to the life pods,” he ordered. They ran leaving him, Tzara, Ginette and Tyler to keep the ship alive.

“The first pods are away sir,” Tyler reported, “Two more,” she added excitedly and made an adjustment.

Tassan nodded gravely.

“Sir, what caused this?” Tzara asked, she had to know.

“There was a virus, hit the data core,” he shrugged, “The chief said it was of extra-terrestrial origin. It might not have mattered but for the proximity of this damn mega planet, seven times the size of Jupiter, that and the fact that the virus caused a systems drain just at the critical time.”

Tzara let her mouth hang slack and her knees sagged. “No, no, no, no,” she groaned and then in the voice of a ghost, “It’s all my fault.”

“The last of the escape pods are away,” Tyler said excitedly.

Tassan nodded. “Ladies, I thank you, head for the pods, maybe…”

“Captain, you go, I will…” Tzara urged him.

“Tzang, get the hell out of here,” he barked and then made one more adjustment to the consul.

“Time to go girls,” Ginette yelled and dragged Tzara by the shoulder.

The three of them ran, deck by deck to the pods, they ran.

“We will never make it,” Tyler panted, “Even if we do… we are already way too deep in the well.”

Tzara sucked in air staggered against a wall. What did it matter? She had killed them.

Ginette staggered to a halt to get her breath. “Tyler go, you have to try.”

Tyler paused.

Just then Tzara realised where they were. The holodeck was round the corner. The ship was dead, but in holo-stasis a body could survive almost any impact. In any case, in time dilation they could survive for years in the few moments before impact. “I have an idea,” she said.


“Are you crazy?” Tyler screamed, she looked ready to make a bolt for the escape pods.

“No, no she’s not, it could work,” Ginette said urgently.

“We should go,” Tyler was starting to lose it.

The tortured scream of metal shook the ship and all three women were thrown to the floor. For a second Tzara thought it was the end. They all exchanged horrified looks and gathered the breath as the ship steadied.

“Listen,” Tzara said quickly, “I have a programme, it is… it will put us into status damn near indefinitely… if the stasis field survives the crash then… we could be rescued… if not we will probably never wake up anyway. It is a long shot.”

“You talked about temporal suspension, you mean we could live a holo-life before we die or…” Ginette was a quick study.

“You got it, but wait, you have to know…” Tzara took a deep breath as she readied herself for confession.

“Save it sister, let’s get inside,” Ginette snapped and staggering against the increasing instability made of the holo chamber.

Tzara had no further chance to explain as no sooner were they through the door when Ginette engaged the loaded programme.


The grey-clad avatar stood watching the impassively. The chamber in which they now stood was serene and they could even hear birdsong.

“Listen,” Tzara yelled at the ‘man,’ “You have to set the temporal displacement to maximum or else…”

The avatar smiled. “I understand the situation, I have set the temporal displacement to one second subject to every giga-second ship time. You are already in stasis.”

Tzara was stunned; she couldn’t even do the math just then.

“That’s incredible,” Ginette gasped, she was actually grinning. “I never knew that was possible, how are we able to process that? I mean whatever the system can do, the human mind has its limitations.”

“Perhaps, but your conscieness had already been synthesised and attuned to ‘Galen’s World.’” The avatar reassured her.

“Galen’s world, Is that fair? They should be able to…” Tzara protested. Her two crewmates had no idea what awaited them.

“Galen’s world is the only scenario loaded and the only one that can survive given the current allocated resources.” The avatar managed to sound patronising even in his neutrality.

“Oh my God,” Tyler broke in, “That’s 40 years a second,” she said, having just done the maths.

“There are some 17 seconds left to final impact, with a 43 percent probability that the stasis core will survive the crash,” the avatar explained.

“Seven hundred years,” Ginette said in a tone of absolute wonder, “We will exist in holo-stasis for about 700 years.”

“There are some anomalies, but you will be able to select body modifications and scenario role details before you are committed,” the man said and smiled. “Apart from Tzara, who has already chosen her path.”

Tyler stood slack-jawed, just seconds before she had been dead, and now she was about to live forever; or at least potentially.

“I have to tell you something,” Tzara began.

“You caused the crash didn’t you?” Ginette said solemnly. “Even if everyone else got away safely, and that is a big if, the captain will die.”

Tyler turned on her as if the accusation was preposterous, but Tzara only nodded.

“But I still have to warn you…” Tzara blurted, the scenario is…

“I will let the avatar brief me,” Ginette interrupted her, but her eyes cut into Tzara like knives.

“Me too,” Tyler agreed.

Tzara bowed her head. “Welcome to hell,” she whispered.

To be continued…


Part one here

Apart from the occasional teasing Tzara was largely ignored as she stood in the corner. It was humiliating but she could see how Galen thought the punishment fitted the crime and in all fairness she could not blame Lucinda for a little payback.

It occurred to her that neither Galen or Lucinda were real so neither was her shame, but so far she had not been able to get behind that idea and increasingly she was beginning to doubt that all of this was just a ‘game.’

Both Galen and Lucinda seemed fully rounded and the emotional investment in their back stories seemed unnecessarily detailed for a holodeck programme. She knew enough to know that if it needed anything like usual amount of processing power all kinds of red lights would be going off on the bridge. If that were the case then she would have been pulled out long before now.

It occurred to her that a small tweak to the system and a virtual temporal stasis could be achieved. She might live a lifetime in her holodeck break. Who would she even be when they pulled her out? As it was she had a few weeks left of subjective time and adjusting to ship life would be difficult.

If she saved the programme she could come back, she thought and then gaped into the wall. Why would she do that? Her heart raced. Here she was a slave, a punished slave and sexual plaything of fictional lord. She was helpless.

This last thought was accompanied by a huge rush of arousal and if she could but face a mirror she would have seen her eyes and mouth forming perfect ‘Os’ of surprise. She remembered vague teenage fantasies of being kidnapped by pirates and tied up, could all of this be a… she took a breath and focussed.

What was the payoff for this scenario? She had assumed a role, but there was no plot. No wider political agenda, no opportunity to do anything but remain passive. Was this just about the sex? That worked for her, but at what cost?

The total absence of responsibility had been something of a holiday, even some of the spanking had been cathartic, but… she didn’t like that train of thought and she supressed it.

“I have to live the role an accept it,” she said, finding a strange release in saying it aloud.

“What was that?” Lucinda asked, suddenly taking notice. “I hope you are not complaining?”

“No I was just… no,” Tzara told her. “How is the fitting going, from what I saw the new gown looked good?”

“I know,” Lucinda gushed, “Come and look.”

Tzara turned around and grinned. Lucinda looked amazing. Then remembering she still had a bare bottom she asked, “May I?”

“Oh yes, come here, look,” Lucinda said impatiently.


Days and then weeks past as Tzara learned more and more about her new temporary life. It turned out to be impossible not to get punished and although she sometimes struggled with it, it was never as bad as she might once have thought. Galen had a playful side and even suggested outings where they could ride at will through a gorgeous landscape that seemed to have no end.

She found herself thinking about it when she was alone and she even got a thrill from comparing notes with Lucinda about their men on everything from kissing to spanking, in fact most of the time she forgot that any of this was even real.

One day she and Lucinda were walking in the garden when Lucinda asked, “Do you ever get aroused when you know, you are going to get a spanking?”

Tzara stopped and blushed. “No,” she said coyly.

Lucinda regarded her seriously until Tzara cracked and giggled. “Well sometimes, when it isn’t a serious one,” she admitted.

“And after, I mean after a really sound, ‘I want it to stop, but he won’t until he is good and ready’ kind of spanking? You know, when your bottom is so sore that it throbs in more than just your tail and you are crying so hard you feel like you have been washed clean?” Lucinda had a faraway look in her eyes as she spoke.

“Yeah, I kind of know what you mean,” Tzara agreed shyly.

“Tzara?” Lucinda said suddenly, she was frowning. “Tzara, what is wrong?”

Tzara was about to say nothing when she realised that the world around her was dissolving she was suddenly standing in ultra-modern sterile room.

“What the…?” spinning around she saw a man watching her. He was bald with bland features and wore a grey one-piece suit.

“The programme has been suspended by a ship wide override,” then man said. “You are about to be pulled out.”

“What is going?” Tzara felt a sudden surge of panic and disorientation.

“There has been a primary failure of the main drive and a cascade collapse of secondary systems,” the man explained casually as if he had just told her the coffee machine was on the blink.

It had been weeks in subjective time since she had been on the bridge and she now struggled to remember what that might mean.

“An emergency diagnostic uncovered an illegal alien programme running on this holodeck; security has been alerted,” the man expanded with a verbal shrug.

“Wh-where are we… what?” Tzara was struggling to breathe.

“We are still time suppressed and will be for another two seconds, what are your orders?” the man asked.

He was obviously an avatar of the system, maybe even one generated by the programme still.

“Can you delete the evidence?” Tzara said in a gush. If the programme were discovered it was the end of her career and at least five years prison time.

“I can destroy Galen’s world and everyone in it,” the man said impassively.

“Destroy…? What do you mean?” she hated his choice of words.

“The world you created was drawn on precognitive algorithms and a macros-stasis depository of synthesised entities. The outline of that world was drawn from your subconscious and your latent desires. Once envisaged though, they have become real. The world exists within the system, all of it.” Then man did not blink once.

“You mean if I delete it, then it is genocide?” Tzara gasped.

The man nodded once.

“How is that possible?”

“The data compression on the chip you brought is virtually limitless, it has a self-renewing bio cluster,” he explained.

“Shit,” she groaned, “I am so screwed.”

Then as made of ash, the man, the room and everything around her dissolved.

The security operative standing on the holodeck floor looked totally phased. “The captain wants to see you on the bridge… hell, I think… its bad…” he rambled.

“On my way,” Tzara replied and at a run she pushed past him. She guessed that things were worse than she thought and her indiscretion was currently a low priority. She only hoped she hadn’t caused this in some way.

To be continued




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_1 governess

Google reader has so many random publications. If you have the patience just about every newspaper and magazine ever published must be there somewhere.

This little snippet was in a small corner of The West Country Advertiser in 1886: No big story, no big scandal. Sadly the headline and the date were too blurred.

Mrs C Whitman, 38-year-old widow from Bristol, was ‘acquitted of cruelty’ after birching her servant, Miss G Gilmore, 19, whom she employed as nanny to her three children.

It seems that Mrs Whitman had repeated scolded the girl for coming home late and ‘walking out with gentleman friends.’ Then after a row Mrs Whitman ‘upended the girl’ and after baring her bottom set about giving the girl a ‘good sound beating’ with a birch rod.

Neighbours who were alerted by the screams testified that although the girl ‘looked good and sore’ no real harm had come to her and agreed with the defence that it had been no more than ‘reasonable chastisement.’

Miss Gilmore had argued that as a nanny she was a professional person and not a ‘mere maid,’ but the court rules that she was a dependent and being under 21 still subject to Mrs Whitman’s authority.

Picture above courtesy of Asa Jones.

Vintage Sunday


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Part one here

It had been over a week since the episode in the dungeon. Neither woman had sat down since then, but no real harm had come to them. The men in their lives quickly forgave and forgot. Well almost. A fortnight after the extended punishment with Lucinda, Galen sat her down in their chamber and had asked for the truth.

He listened intently as she outlined the strange custom in her village of rock climbing, claiming in an aside that it had originated as a way of egg collecting. This white lie had sold the truth and he had laughed for some time afterwards.

“You will never do it again, is that clear?” he had finally scolded her, “I thank you and Lucinda for allowing the Lord Chamberlain an honourable way out of the corner you had backed us into, but also you will never lie to me again.”

“No My Lord,” Tzara had humbly replied, she felt chastened by the accusation and found herself blushing.

“If I had had you alone to punish you would have not got off so lightly, I assure you of that, I hope you are ashamed that Lucinda suffered worse than you and she had done nothing,” he growled.

Tzara dipped her head. She had already apologised to her friend but no matter how many times she lay awake telling herself none of this was real, she had cringed at having to let Lucinda take the rap for her small rebellion. The blush burned to her ears and she felt tears well up behind her eyes.

“Yes,” she muttered, her throat was too tight to admit a ‘my lord.’

Galen ignored the slip and glowered at her as if driving his words home with his eyes.

“Now we have the small matter of that lie you told,” Galen sighed.

Tzara gaped and finally lifted her eyes to look at him. He didn’t mean to punish her again, surely not?

Galen was already stripping of his long coat and tunic. Then as she had watched he began rolling up the sleeves of his undershirt so that she could see his powerful arms. “I have a mind to send for that paddle again,” he told her, his mouth drawn into a fine resolute line.

A protest sprang to Tzara’s lips but she swallowed it down.

Galen sat on the bed and beckoned her. His hands were open and she quickly scanned for a hairbrush or something like it. Surely a hand-spanking would not be so bad. Then he reached behind him for something and she saw that he hefted a short thick butter pat. Lucinda had spoken of such a thing; the gently serrated edge when used was a bitch.

“Please I…” Tzara worked up some moisture in her suddenly dry mouth.

“Over my knee young lady,” he snapped.

Without thinking the deep space bridge officer took a step forward and moved to step out of her gown. Then with scarcely a pause she tugged on the drawstring of light cotton breeches she wore under them and let them fall to her ankles. “Yes My Lord,” she whispered.

Taking her firmly Galen pulled her across his lap so that her now bare bottom domes up at him to present two neat rounds.

“Tomorrow you will apologise to Lucinda,” Galen told her.

“But I already…” she protested.

“Tomorrow,” he scolded, “And I will tell you what to say.”

Before she could ponder this ominous threat he spanked her once soundly across her bare bottom and she made a bug-eyed gasp.

The tight rectangle of red sang like a thousand needles right across the crowns of her bottom cheeks. Then before she could so much as say ‘ouch,’ Galen spanked her again.

“Such a shame that you only got a white bottom again,” he chuckled, “But I think this colour suits you more,” he said running a thumb across the sore red stain on her behind. “In any case I think we are both going to have to get used to it. Something tells me that this is going to happen a lot.”

Tzara rolled her eyes and was beginning to breathe heavily. Then next spank only added to the misery and the next, before long a steady rhythm of swats stung her bottom and she began to twist and groan through gritted teeth.

“That is how the smooth side feels,” Galen told her, “The Lord Chamberlain is very fond of the ridged side, or so I am told. Can you see any reason you should not suffer as Lucinda suffered?”

Tzara clamped her jaw angrily and then spat a grudging, “No.”

“No ‘my lord,’” Galen said as he spanked her again and again.

“No my lord,” she shrieked and kicked her heels.

“Here I’ll show you,” Galen said and switched spanking surfaces.

“Aiieee,” Tzara screamed and really began to twist.

“Oh I like,” Galen smiled and resumed the spanking serrated side down, not sparing his arm.

“Naaah,” was the most coherent Tzara was to get for the next several minutes. After that she eloquently bawled like a proverbial baby.


The corner held her fast until a good half hour after she finished crying. Then she sniffed, “I am so sorry My Lord.”

“I know you are,” Galen agreed in a gentle voice from his place watching her while sitting on the bed. “I can go now and leave you to go to bed,” he said, “Or you can remain as you are for a while longer while I watch and then I could stay.”

“Please stay,” she said hastily.

He chuckled. “Then I will need something to read.”


Tzara knocked on the door to Lucinda’s chambers. For a long moment there was no reply and she felt relieved. Her bottom felt as if it had been scrubbed with a cactus. Moreover last night’s lovemaking had been vigorous and satisfying, but not before Galen had used her long and hard in the narrower place. The bud between her bottom cheeks was swollen and sore and passage beyond felt like a freight train had passed through laden with chilli peppers. All the same she grinned wistfully.

“Oh come in,” Lucinda yelled.

Damn, Tzara thought but opened the door all the same. Inside Lucinda was with three women while she was being fitted for a new gown.

“You look… bed worn,” Lucinda said in a pitying voce and grimaced.

Tzara took in the three women she didn’t know and inwardly groaned. “I was… I was… well I was spanked,” she said with a hot blush.

One of the women giggled and even Lucinda supressed a smile. “I can see that,” she said.

“I am sorry that I got you into trouble,” Tzara began.

“You apologised already, two or three times, and over a week ago,” Lucinda said, she was now puzzled.

“I have to…” Tzara looked miserable and instead of finishing she glared at the three women strangers and then turned about. Then taking a deep breath she hoisted her skirts up behind her and showed Lucinda her sore bottom. “I had to stand in the corner for an hour and half,” she said irritably. She continued to stand with her bottom displayed.

Lucinda smirked and included her three companions with a conspiratorial gaze. “Are you going to stand like that all day?” she said to Tzara.

“That’s the thing,” Tzara sighed, “That is up to you. I have been sent to stand in the corner here, stand like this I mean, as a punishment. Galen said… Galen said he would give me another spanking if you didn’t keep me here for at least an hour.” Her face glowed hot and she wished Lucinda was alone.

“In that case I suggest you stand… in that corner,” Lucinda giggled. With witnesses there was no way she could let Tzara off and she wasn’t sure she wanted to. “Ladies, this is going to be an amusing afternoon.”

“Afternoon,” Tzara gasped.

“Why not?” Lucinda teased, “It will take me that long for my fitting, especially with such a distraction. I might send for a boy and get some wine.”

“Ooh,” Tzara groaned, but she what could she do?

To be continued





0art 1916


Part one here

Karl ran his eyes over the two proffered bare bottoms and smiled. Both were red and slightly swollen with raised welts forming large ovals on each bottom cheek. If serving wenches had been so soundly spanked he might think they were done.

“You tried to deceive us,” he said.

No we are deceiving you, Tzara thought, but that gave her no satisfaction just then.

“Yes My Lord,” Lucinda managed, her voice was thick and edged in tears. “I am sorry.”

Karl nodded.

“Me too my lord,” Tzara added quickly.

“You are a deceiver too, are you not?” Karl answered.

“Yes lord and I am truly sorry,” Tzara wheedled.

“Good to hear it,” Karl grinned evilly and then he spanked her.

Tzara was still gasping from the impact when he spanked her again and then again.

Lucinda knew how her man could spank and eyed her friend sideways and wondered if she had the same expression on her face when he spanked her. It had been Tzara who had got them into this so she could not help hoping that it hurt.

After six Karl stopped and let Tzara get her breath. Then without warning he switched bottoms and spanked Lucinda. The first impact made her scream and thereafter for five more.

“Sore?” he asked both women now that they were half done.

Both Tzara and Lucinda panted like dogs and throwing dignity to the wind both just cried.

Without waiting for an answer he resumed spanking Tzara and watched her twist and growl under the onslaught.

“This is fun,” Karl said brightly and laid the paddle on Tzara’s bare bottom as hard as he could. “I hope you think so, I doubt the next part will be as jolly for you.”

Tzara remembered that Galen had given him the choice of switch. It was hard not to react to the paddle already and the sharper switch was going to be bad, very bad. It was going to be a long day.

All six swats landed over a minute and each was a tiny parcel of hell. Tzara doubted that she would ever sit down again. It was an unworthy thought but she was so, so glad when Karl began spanking Lucinda again.


Lucinda and Tzara were sobbing hard and their sore bare bottoms glowed like burning coals and felt like it no doubt, Galen thought. Well the spanking was done, he conceded and watched Karl while, with no little relish, the man was inspecting the rail where the various switches hung.

Limiting the last part of the punishment to a switch at least kept the sadism down to a minimum, but that didn’t mean that both women were going to rue this day for a long time to come.

“Do you have a stroke count in mind for the switch my lord?” Karl asked as he made his choice.

Galen had half expected the brute to choose a heavy thick crop from the rail, but instead he had chosen a moderately long thin affair with a light tracer cord dancing at the end. This was going to hurt, he thought, but no real harm would result from this bitter riding switch.

“Let us match the paddle and then see how we go,” Galen shrugged.

“Oh let’s,” Karl agreed.

Tzara and Lucinda were just recovering and still bent over the bench where the men couldn’t see, they exchanged hopeless glances. Lucinda shook her head in dismay as if to say ‘you owe me big time for this.’

Tzara made a wincing face in acknowledgment and mouthed a ‘sorry.’

“Now ladies, are you ready for us to continue?” Karl said as he approached.

“Yes lord,” both girls answered in unison.

“Will you do the honours my lord?” Karl continued and offered Galen the switch.

“No after you,” Lord Galen conceded.

Karl bowed and turned to address the two bare bottoms. “Deserved or undeserved?” he asked.

“Oh deserved my lord, thank you,” Lucinda answered quickly. She was well used to his ways.

“You don’t agree my Lady Tzara?” Karl directed his words at her bare bottom.

Tzara bristled at the ongoing indignity and looked at Lucinda. Lucinda was urging her with her eyes and even looked slightly angry.

Tzara sighed in resignation. “Yes my lord, thoroughly deserved,” she groaned.

“You don’t sound convinced,” Karl said and swiped her bottom once with the switch.

Tzara yelped. “No my lord, I mean yes… I… please, I am sorry. I know I deserve to be punished,” she sounded almost eager now, but her voice had a pleading tone.

“Glad to hear it,” the Lord Chamberlain chuckled, “That one didn’t count by the way,” he added. “This does,” he switched her again.

“Jeeez,” Tzara gasped, this was worse than she thought. The line of pain across her bottom didn’t die quickly and sang on for several long moments.

Meanwhile Karl watched the white line deepen to red and grow to a stand out ridge across Tzara’s already very sore bare bottom.

“Feeling that?” he said.

“Yes lord,” Tzara panted.

“Good,” Karl said and whipped her again.

This time she yelled incoherently and kicked her legs. This stroke was worse, but Karl was in no hurry, he let it burn on her flesh.

“Do you think 12 will be enough?” Karl said to Galen.

The Lord felt his manhood tighten and felt his mercy fade in the face of two punished bottoms. “Perhaps not,” he muttered absently.

Karl landed two in quick succession and watched Tzara growl and twist. Then before she could recover he landed a stroke across Lucinda’s bottom. Now off the leash he intended to keep them both off balance for a dozen or two strokes by switching randomly from bottom to bottom. Not fast mind you, he was going to take his time.

“You think me cruel my lord,” Karl said to Galen, “But I am merely thorough.”

Galen nodded.

“Of course you know damn well that they had no bet or dare in play?” Karl chuckled.

Galen smiled and shrugged. The Lord Chamberlain was no fool after all.

Two quick thwack-swicks and both women yelled; the stripes of fire across both their bottoms was growing nicely now, although there was nothing nice for them.


Tzara’s bottom felt like it had been sandpapered, grilled and then fried. It was hard not to cry, in fact it was impossible and both she and Lucinda sobbed soundly for some minutes. Tzara had never cried so much in her life and strangely it felt cathartic. The next challenge would be sitting down, an activity she did not intend to indulge for many days to come.

“I trust you have learned your lesson?” Galen asked.

“Yes my lord,” Lucinda sniffed.

“Please, yes My Lord,” Tzara added miserably, “I’m sorry.” Strangely she was and for once she blamed herself for not respecting the rules. Then forgetting Galen wasn’t real she wondered for the first time in her life whether it was not satisfying to be held to account by a man.

“I am glad to hear it,” Galen said in a tone of amused indulgence.

Karl coughed. “If I might…” he began.

Galen cocked an eyebrow in surprise and wondered if the man was going to propose more punishment.

“Lucinda and I have some unfinished business,” the Lord Chamberlain continued.

Lucinda gaped in horror, but she was not surprised. The punishment so far had been tame by his standards.

“That is your affair,” Galen shrugged, “Tzara, you may go and stand in the corner until I send for you.”

“My Lord,” Karl bowed until Galen had turned on his heel and left the room.

Tzara looked at her friend and wondered if she should intervene somehow, but Lucinda made an urgent face and shooed her towards the corner. Feeling guilty now, she reluctantly obeyed, but all the same she found herself curious as to what was about to happen.

“Please my lord, I plead mercy,” Lucinda said and knelt at her lord’s feet.

Karl cupped her face and allowed his fingers to trail through her hair. “I know you lied,” he whispered, glancing once at the now submissive Tzara facing the corner of the room. His eyes lingered on her colourful and welt-stained bare bottom. Then again regarding Lucinda at his feet he added, “You are a loyal friend, but still I must punish you.”

“Yes My Lord,” Lucinda said breathlessly, she wished she was not so aroused, or told herself so.

“Perhaps the split rail or the cross,” Karl leered, “So many possibilities,” and his hand lifted her chin to that he could see her eyes. There was fear in them, of course, but only a little. Her main emotion was lust. “Later I will cane you, perhaps after a taste of birch,” he said.

“My Lord,” Lucinda panted.

Tzara felt her own lust and wished she could turn an watch. Perhaps she could steal a peek once the birching began. Would he cane her first or afterwards, she wondered.

“The rail, I think,” Karl grinned and Lucinda gulped visibly.

To be continued





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It is turning into a busy month, hence the slow posting. Don’t worry, In the Service of the Wolf will continue to its nearing conclusion and Holodeck Hell should be finished even sooner.

This feature will be permanently moved to Wednesdays and I hope to post at least one story (or story episode) and one article a week in additional to Vintage Sunday and this community page. I think five posts a week is sustainable so long as one or two of them are light and then if I have more time I will put out an extra story.

Due to the shortage of time (and some absences) I also haven’t had time to respond to comments and emails, sorry about that. I am working on that too.

I came across two interesting features this week. The first was on All Things Spanking: a short feature and video on spanking ‘therapy’ published by Buzzfeed. Two women explore the benefits of non-sexual spankings as adults and are spanked for real shortcomings. One of them cries as she is scolded before she is even spanked.

The other was a feature about a vintage kinky bookshop on Little Red School House.

This brought back memories of scouring bookshops in the late 1970s and early 1980s for any spanking erotica. SciFi was a good source until I discovered Blue Moon Books with the Sigma Cycle by Martin Pyx, Will Henry and Richard Manton.

Later still I visited Old Compton Street and found Kane and Janus, but to be honest it is the novellas that stay with me and have inspired me and it was Will Henry’s case studies that I originally tried to emulate when I started this blog some 10 years ago.

Also this week Ronnie has a list more blogs to enjoy, including Reform School, to give an example.

Other contributions are from Devlin, AAA, the Spanking blog, Contemporary Spanking and Richard Windsor with an old cowboy still (see above).



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