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Two for the price of one this week. As you know A Voice in the Corner was nominated for the Spanking Spot’s Spanking Blog of the Year Award. Well guess what, A Voice was the runner up, so a very big thanks to all those who voted. The winner was Chross, so in congratulations it […]

Wrap up warm


Winter and its all gone a bit sluggish and the girl in the picture might catch this cold.

The picture top above is an often seen alleged publicity still of 20-year-old actress and singer, Ann-Margaret being spanked. However, thanks to TipTopper we can now reveal the back story was far from a prank for poor Miss Margaret. Back in 1962, when she was 21-year-old, she revealed in a radio interview feature, Ask the […]

It is said that a good writer should read more than he writes. Do please insert of she in there if you prefer. The trouble is sometimes in a busy life it’s hard enough to find time to write let alone read as well, so it can be an either or situation. The weekend is […]

Over at Erica’s blog there is an interesting post about photo blogs that makes some salient points but since she was BotW a few weeks ago here is a bit of mischief. Blogs are creative spaces and A Voice in the Corner prides itself on being almost entirely original in its written content. However, it […]

No idea where this came from. It was found while digging around in snippets culled from the Internet, along with a sorority spanking story by PN Deadaux of all things. Before we continue we had better explain that the term leathering is a mainly northern England expression for strapping, although the snippet below is from […]

Lucifer dominated the sky of habitable space as it turned about its distant sun almost 3,000 light years from Earth. A murky black-red gas giant with lesser baleful mustard-brown stripes dominating among the myriad of lesser colours that some called it the ‘Devil’s Marble’ and others called home. When the first people had come, it […]

Thanks to TipTopper for giving the heads-up about this movie. TT sent in some pictures from The Defilers and the link for the movie clip which is credited as the first movie in which a domestic punishment spanking turns into foreplay. He also suggested I check out a movie starring Jack Nance, who is the […]

Sunday Best


You know about Sundays, eat, drink, spank, sleep, spank… it can be such hard work. No time to even write a decent post. Then this girl leapt out from the pic box. She might have been spanked, but at least she has her best Sunday hat on.

The more eagle-eyed of you might have noticed the link to British Spanking Mags on the right. This link has been on and off the blogroll since A Voice in the Corner first started. That’s because it has been rather plagued with problems and eventually disappearing altogether. But it’s back and well worth a look. […]