More Spanking and Corner Time


corner timeA couple of edited real life accounts culled from online forums.

Part-time house wife wrote:

I went over to my friend’s house today to have some coffee and chat. When I walked into the kitchen, my friend’s 19-year-old step-daughter was standing in the corner with her bare bottom exposed. It was quite evident from the dark red colour that she had just received a spanking.

I asked if this was a bad time and if I should come back later, but my friend just sat down at the kitchen table and told me that it was fine and that seeing her like that is embarrassing and part of the punishment.

We sat and had coffee for almost two hours and the whole time her poor daughter stood facing the corner with her bare bottom facing us and didn’t say a word.

Has anyone else either witnessed an adult being disciplined with corner time or experienced corner time after a spanking as a punishment in front of other people?

J writes:

Spanking and corner time are a fact of life for me unfortunately. And mostly, I hate the corner time more than the spanking itself. I always get corner time after a spanking.

Sometimes you hear that corner times don’t have to take place in a corner, but also against a wall or something. I get the old-fashioned nose in the corner, corner times. Sometimes, I have to kneel down, but mostly I have to stand, with my hands on my head. I have got two corners, one in the living room and one in my bedroom. Usually the place depends on where the spanking took place.

When it’s in the living room, it’s bare or nude with my red bottom on display. The corner is next to the television so my boyfriend or sometimes family/visitors can see me. I hate it, standing there bare or nude in front of everyone. But it is part of the punishment and it’s a good place for reflection. I have to stay in the corner until told I can leave. The times are different through this. Sometimes it’s 30 minutes, sometimes 90 minutes.

It’s really embarrassing when visitors see my red bottom. Once my neighbours came over and I just got spanked for lying. I was standing there and I felt their eyes on my bum.

I also get corner times without spankings. It doesn’t happen a lot, but it happens. Mostly I get that for little things, like when I am angry or annoying. I can leave my jeans or pants on, unless I’ve been really annoying, than I have to pull them down.

I think corner times are childish punishments but I am told if I behave childishly then it’s a good punishment.

14 Responses to “More Spanking and Corner Time”

  1. 1 George

    Parents decide amount and frequency of DD corrections… no age limit!

  2. 2 cindy2

    Corner time goes hand and hand with a spanking and as the second correspondent reported can occur in the absence of a spanking. Whether corner time is universally applied I don’t know; however, its widespread use, at least as anecdotally reported, is testament to its importance. Allowing the miscreant to stand in the corner allows her to reflect on her misdeeds and is a form of rehabilitation. But this is a small part of the story. She can reflect quietly, by herself, in her room. Corner time of this nature is public display. Public display of a bare bottom that has been punished. Others occupying the house are free to lower their gaze and look at the bottom that has been chastised. The bottom may be pink or even crimson. Marks of a strap or other instrument of correction may be visible on soft flesh. In some cases, as commented, non family members who visit may also view the results of the thrashing and some may, in their mind’s eye, imagine the ordeal the girl experienced as the strokes were applied–how did her body contort, how did her bottom clench and then relax only to clench again, what sounds issued from her mouth,. Most importantly, the person whose bare bottom is so shamelessly displayed knows this, and whenever she encounters the visitor again, will almost always come to the correct conclusion that the former visitor will imagine her in her former state, her punished bare bottom displayed. They may lock eyes or the girl may avert her gaze out of shame, but the encounter will affect both persons.

  3. 3 George

    Cindy2, I appreciate a lot what you’ve written.
    Of course I do hope it comes from your own experience!

  4. 4 Becky

    I cannot imagine how mortifying it must be to be observed by others when doing your corner time. I have only once come close to this when I had failed to accept discipline and I found myself as a result in our bedroom hands on head, nose to the wall, skirt and knickers down, my bare behind on display after a severe spanking followed by 12 strokes of the slipper and with a bar of soap in my mouth. Jack’s mother was arriving so I was left there and he told me he was considering let her see me and that I should consider that whilst I stood there. She stayed for over an hour and a couple of times they came upstairs and very close and I can remember crying at the thought of the shame and humiliation I was about to suffer. Thankfully Jack spared me and of course I was very remorseful for my misbehaviour and failure to accept discipline. So I think to have to suffer this must be very severe discipline presumably for severe transgression of the rules.

  5. 5 PDBB

    At home embarrassment was part and parcel of the punishment process and I and my sisters could be found (and often were) on display trying to control residual crying in a prominent corner of the house (sometimes in just our underwear but never fully bare). The mostly hairbrush spankings were given as punishment and take my word for it at that our step mom was no novice. Spanking as well as corner time was retained in our home well past that of all our friends and acquaintances. It was always a consideration when “mischief” was proposed and if a forbidden activity was planned by friends. We were not ashamed to beg off by by saying that we would get “killed” if our mother found out.
    Forward to the near present. In my job as an estimator I was called upon to survey the homes of prospective clients and present a proposal. The incident I am referring to was in a very upscale community. I arrived at the agreed upon time and was greeted at the door by a middle age woman who must have been a real beauty when she was younger as she was a classic beauty at the time I met her. A tall, trim ash blond that belonged in the expensive house and community. After a cordial obligatory intro- procedure I was told to do what I had to do as she had to make a few phone calls and if I needed her come and get her. Her demeanor, like so many of her economic class was somewhat dismissive and or imperious and her commanding nature was a little chilling. I immediately went about my wanderings the work required around the immense house. In a prominent corner of the living room/dining room junction, I came upon a sight from my past. There stood a tall girl in a tee shirt and pajama bottoms clinging to a very shapely backside, fidgeting in that corner. I knew how she felt. I apologized for my intrusion and felt uncomfortable in my own right. She didn’t respond directly to me but without stepping out of the corner, repeatedly yelled for her mother! Her mother came angrily in. and admonished her. “You already had a bathroom call young lady, so this had better be an emergency” she warned. “Please mother, I already said I was sorry; please let me out of corner, don’t do this to me in front of him”,she begged without taking her face out of the corner. The matron apologized to me for her daughter’s lack of respect and failure to follow the rules of time out. “That outburst just earned you another two hours in the corner missy and if I have to talk to you again I’ll really embarrass you”! “Oh really” she said almost mumbling, “like this isn’t embarrassing enough”. “Does someone here need another lesson in manners”, she hissed!?! And then she cautioned her daughter to hold her tongue and not to make another sound, as she sensed an argument fomenting. “Unless I see a change in attitude, the spanking you just got, will be a fond memory”. I’ll see to it you won’t sit comfortably all weekend”. “Mother, how could you”, she screeched plaintively!?! “My daughter seems to like the corner, she’ll be here for the rest of the day”, she said to me but obviously meant to add to her daughter’s discomfort. “She’s been impossible since she came home from school”!
    After I completed my initial survey work, she directed me back to the living room to review the proposal. When we came back in her daughter let out a sigh and the matron saw my obvious discomfort. “You must think I’m a terrible mother”, she said, “but we practice Christian values here. “Not at all”, I assured her. “We were raised very similarly”. “Our mom believed you were never too old”. I probably spent several years with my nose in the corner”, I lightly exaggerated.” “I’m so glad to hear that there are still families that don’t let children run around without regards to consequences”. “Oh we had consequences” I nervously harmonized. Seeing or sensing I was someone who could be intimidated, she took full advantage of the situation to “control” not only her daughter but use her domineering nature to her economic advantage and get the best terms.
    “That young lady”, she direct my attention again to the big girl still fidgeting in the corner, “is in for a very uncomfortable summer”. “There are too many rules she’s going to have to relearn before she returns to college”. I swallowed hard focusing on the twitching backside that seemed to be trying to “eat” her pajama bottoms.
    After we completed all the necessary preliminary work, she walked me to the door. Shook my hand and held on rather firmly and a little unusually long and said, “You’ll be using a sharp pencil before you get back with me won’t you”?! “I’ll do my best Mrs.H… “You had better young man, you wouldn’t want to make me angry with you; would you”, she stated with a knowing smile? “No,no I wouldn’t”, I said, nervously, probably reflecting on how I was brought up. The stern mother sensed this and took the opportunity to tease me further. She stood by the door and with a raised eyebrow some woman can do and speak volumes, “If you don’t, there is a corner with your name on it”, she *jokingly* reminded me of her daughter’s fate. God, I thought she’s good. I was genuinely frightened (for want of a better description).

  6. 6 cindy2

    I don’t live at home now but when I was in college a few years ago I did. And even though I was an adult, my mom still spanked me and made me do corner time–sometimes even in the presence of a friend of hers. Receiving the spankings and the bare-bottom corner time was embarrassing enough when my mom’s friend was not present; when my mom’s friend was present, it was even more embarrassing. I actually knew (and still know) this woman’s daughter.

  7. 7 DJ

    Thanks everyone – glad you liked this post

    This type does get a lot of attention 🙂

    • 8 Jay

      I found these comments interesting because they are reflected in my experince. We are a young married couple in Swansea, Wales, and ever since we have been together I have been disciplined. My husband insists that I am nude for punishment and often I am sent to stand in the corner of the living room with my hands on my head. I have been seen twice in this position. Once my his sister who is a few years younger than him who came around for coffee one Saturday. As she passed the open door of the lounge on her way to the kitchen I heard her stop and look at me. The second was when my girlfriend called around so that we could go shopping together. My husband asked her to wait in the kitchen and made her coffee. He then came into the lounge carrying the cane which is always kept in the kitchen and which my girlfriend must have seen. Deliberately, I am sure, leaving the doors to both rooms open he told me to bend over and touch my toes before administering six of the best, slowly and deliberately, across my bare buttocks. After the second stroke I saw my girlfriend in the doorway, coffee mug in hand, watching the cane land across my cheeks. She stayed there until my husband told me to expect the last stroke which is when she disappeared back into the kitchen. As we went shopping she did not mention what had happened but I noticed she gave me a knowing look when I wriggled on my seat in the car.and later the cafe. My backside was burning like hell..

      • 9 DJ

        That is discipline on the edge – what did your friend say?

      • 10 DJ

        And no one ever asked about this? I expect you got what you needed though. 😉

      • 11 Morgan

        I have only recently come across this email correspondence. Like Jay I think our relationship works because I am disciplined when I behave like a brat. Punishment includes corner time which like Jay I am expected to do naked. I am told the hour and the day when I must stand, totally bare with my hands on my head in the punishment corner. Face to the wall. It lasts for about an hour and is easier to take in my bare feet instead of say in my heels! sometimes it is totally private, sometimes my husband’s sister and her girlfriend come around. I have to endure them looking at me naked and it always makes my bottom seem totally bare. Afterwards there are muted remarks. Usually what did you do this time? I bet your arms are aching now? They talked most about my punishment when like Jay I touched my toes, completely naked, bare bottom raised in front of them, for a well deserved caning. And I mean well deserved as I had forgotten to pay the rent. He told them what I had done or rather had not done as I was brought out of the corner to stand naked in front of them hands still firmly on my head. I was ashamed but more ashamed of having been such a forgetful brat. Bend down Morgan he said and touch your toes. I bent down in front of them all and touched my toes. You know what you are going to get. I knew alright. They were enthralled and I do not know who gasped first as the cane smacked my cheeks they or me! After 12 strokes my husband waited to tell me to stand up to give them a chance to admire the welts and ponder how I took the cane and what it felt like.


        • 12 DJ

          It is good that you can keep it in the family – are they too shocked or did your sister-in-law have similar experiences? Are they in a similar relationship?

  8. I agree with what everybody said.

  9. I was never sent to the corner after spanking.

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