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This week has been a bit of a car crash and to top it all I have a bad internet connection. I have had time to write for next week and Vintage Sunday is out tomorrow. Picture from Shadow Lane.

Sometime ago we featured an article on the mentoring of young women who actively sought out older women to spank them. Recent magazine articles in the UK have touched on this again, albeit obliquely and with tongues very firmly in their cheek. Although some of the women interviewed, I suspect, had a serious life style […]

Sorry not another short, not yet, but I just got some feedback on some of my books. Firstly, thank you so very much if you bought one of my books. I would like to say that I can make a living at this, but sadly the day job still beckons. However, every penny does help […]

Previously we have discussed CP for women in the Royal Navy during and after the Second World War. Women were not fully incorporated into the Navy until the 1957 Naval Discipline Act, but until then they had been formulated under boy cadet rules and technically, and sometimes actually, subject to corporal punishment. This entailed anything […]

A Little Busy


I have been a little busy and I haven’t had time to develop a queue of work. However, I am now able to access my back-up files and story treatments, old images and memorabilia. It will take me a while to sort through it and organise it.



Things are really busy at the moment and then yesterday my new PC decided to a mega update before work. So this is a day late. I have had time to write a short story, so watch this space. My main focus is still on restoring my back-up and my old stories and files – […]

Hi all. I was just working through various PC issues and realised that I have followers and likes. I knew that of course, but never really thought about what it meant. Followers and Likes are apparently very important to a blog’s standing and I probably should follow the links back and like and follow in […]

A new crop of sorority sisters brings a new crop of sorority paddles. The colleges and sororities themselves continue to deny that these paddles ever get used and we be can sure that this is true, for the most part. Yet every year sorority girls past and present come forward with an alternative version of […]

Sorry for the paltry posts of the last few weeks – basically the whole of August. It didn’t help that I was away for two weeks and only yesterday got a new PC up and running. I still don’t have my files or archives, but they still might be retrievable. If not then there will […]

When I was at school all the girls in class either had a pony or wanted one. Many of them worked for peanuts at a local horse farm on Saturdays and in their holidays and competition for these jobs was fierce. One day I was in science class with a girl called Laura who had […]