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Thanks to everyone for the fantastic comments. I want to stress that Indigo and I are very touched by your support, but apart from the obvious, there is no cause for concern. Both our lives have changed radically in the last year and we are both going through a period of positive but nonetheless far-reaching professional […]

Sad News


Dear All, What I am about to tell you has been on the cards for a few months and I had intended to tell you next week. But events are moving very fast here for Indigo and I. Sadly this blog will have to close for a while. By a while I mean many months […]

Always on the lookout for cornetime related reports I chanced across a couple of odd little snippets. Apparently in a poll 86% of women think cornertime is more arduous than a spanking. I love these polls, no context, no idea who they asked or how many and yet someone will publish them. In a related, […]

I have finally got a new PC and I am immersed in extensive set up and back-ups etc… I think it may take a day or two more as I have to give priority to my client business. Meanwhile here is some music… I mean a picture.

A young lady (presumably) rejoicing in the name Casey the Sorority girl dropped me a quick line to say that ‘red is new black’ and that the 21st century sorority girl ‘likes to show off her blisters.’ I get these brief enigmatic mails from time to time and beyond a quick acknowledgment their contributions usually […]

These are taken from a couple of secondhand out of print books about sexual fantasies and experiences. = I had no spanking or BDSM fantasies growing up therefore meeting Tom and what happened with us came as a bit of a shock. I didn’t really like him at first, he was cold and a bit […]

The online magazine Jezebel got very excited about spanking this week. I expect most here will be more interested in the extensive illustrations and the compilation of movie clips. But it does make some interesting historical points about spanking and views on women. Here is how it opened: In early 1946, a woman from Carmel, […]

Modern Vintage


I have been in communication off and on with Asa Jones, an erotic photographer and filmmaker. He and several associates, in particular his friend Charlotte explore spanking scenarios in various different mediums, with a particular emphasis on reenactment. Asa’s world is very much one where art meets lifestyle and I hope to bring you more […]

Happy Easter


Happy Easter


Happy Easter everyone.