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I have been thinking about moving this feature to Tuesday or Wednesday. That way the week can get started and I will have time to look around what else is going on. As it is a busy weekend has left me with another rushed start to the week. This week is May Day, fertility rites […]

Vintage Sunday


I was looking for some stories arising from Easter, a traditional spanking season, for an article. I found a whole lot of posts around various pagan festivals, many of which have some spanking (or flagellation element). In addition to Easter: Lupercalia, Beltane, Yule and mid-summer all seem to have some flagellation rites. Since this requires […]

Part I here By the time Stacy’s pants and panties were around her ankles she saw that that Lana too was standing in a puddle of denim, her face sour red and apprehensive. The writer took a moment to look around for any sign that anyone was watching, but at the moment no one is in […]

Part I here Stacy ambled over towards the barn as if out for a stroll. Outwardly she looked every inch the confident New Yorker, a trick largely achieved by the inner conviction that she was a grown woman who was not going to cooperate with whatever Garrick had in mind. This lie was good one and […]



Finally got back to some updates that take forever, not to mention that I have a backlog at work. So just a quick hello today. Before we went I tried to queue up several posts so as to make my absence seamless, but in the end I didn’t quite get there. Here are a few […]

Vintage Sunday


Happy Easter


Part I here In the morning Stacy was feeling her old self. That was confused, self-centred and ready to reshape the world according to her convenience. The clarity provided by Garrick’s spanking had lasted about as long as the soreness in her bottom. She half bent over in front of the mirror and ruefully inspected her […]

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