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Part 1 here. Amelia’s bare bottom was a deep red from the paddle session and still vulnerably directed at the ceiling. The indignity was an affront to her pride, but the apprehension of what was to come was worse. The first cane stroke fell like the sword of justice and cut twice as sharply. Amelia […]

The noise from the street seemed close, but it could have been worse. The old block of flats was up a side street and they were three floors up with only one level above them. The young woman danced before her three friends in some consternation as she trawled her air-headed brain for an excuse. […]

The stranger bothered her almost as much as Jason Kincaid did. He was a large man with searching dark eyes that never seemed to rest. Also there was something about the set of his jaw reminded her of her father and that determined way he had. It was a cinch that the stranger, whoever he […]

Not a real photo I think but I like the theme.

Harmony guessed she probably should have known. Probably nothing, she should have known. But somehow her temper and big mouth always got her into trouble. Just then the penny literally dropped and she growled in frustration. It had been her job to keep it pressed to the wall with her nose whilst holding her hemline […]

After receiving an interesting email, more on which later, I did some research and stumbled upon this account. According to the French writer and biographer Pidansat de Mairobert, the Marquise de Rosen, the young and beautiful close friend and rival of Madame Du Barry learned of the price of falling out with the powerful mistress […]

The Golem


It was the hum that kept Leah awake. The relentless hum that touched her ears just below audible that could only be heard if you listened for it; or if you were trying to sleep. She had been told by the captain before he went into stasis that she would get used to it. And […]

So Embarrassing


Really struggling to catch-up with an in-tray a foot thick; an episode of Abraham Heights, Magic and Spankmanship are all pending but not quite ready. Also coming up here are few random snippets culled from the vanilla world, which may have been missed by readers but none suggested a single post. However, this one may […]

Now this short article, whilst hopefully being informative, is not intended to be exhaustive and can better be viewed as a bit of fun. Many of you will either be in a spanking or DD relationship or will have had one at some point. If not then no doubt your turn will come. As you […]

Our story began here. Sylvia had discovered spanking novels and had sat devouring them one after another while ensconced in the window seat. Her chores for the day had been carried out under Mary’s tutelage, although the housekeeper seemed to have her mind elsewhere and had not picked up on any of Sylvia’s shortcomings. The […]