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Vintage Sunday


Summer Spanking


It is a bit premature for the holiday season but here are a few summer candid shots to warm you up.

I have already said that I have one of those bottoms that gets me into scrapes. But that isn’t entirely fair. I mean in a way that is just an excuse, I get me into trouble and my bottom just gets me out of it. I mean if some guy wants to avoid sacking me […]

…the bastard. Can you believe it? He brought it up to bed and set it by my head on the cabinet. It just makes me so angry when he does things like that. I think he may even have hummed while he did it. I think it is the tune from The Adams Family. I […]

Part 1 can be found here. The plane was a medium-sized jet, all sleek and white as it stood on the runway. The backdrop to the small airfield was high snow-capped mountains, although standing on the asphalt it was hot. Megan regarded the aircraft with a nauseous dread as she stood facing it in her […]

Vintage Sunday


Rosalyn Beauchamp carefully placed on foot in front of the other as her stylish high heels clacked their way down the parquet floor. This gave her a sashaying gait that coupled with her expensive skirt suit made her feel like a model on a catwalk. Judging from the glances of the older boys and masters […]

The Challenge


Emily understands how people could sell their souls. There is a kind of wanting that is so severe that the possibility of its being unfulfilled is unthinkable. Any price is reasonable, any demands will be met, and failure is not an option. That is why it took roughly fourteen seconds to smile at, befriend and […]

I unearthed a slightly new take on the spanking and caning of wrens prior to them being incorporated into the Royal navy proper. I also came across a new expression, ‘marrying the gunner’s daughter,’ as opposed to kissing it, which means getting a caning. There was also some light shed on the official position. The […]

Weekly Round-Up


Indigo and I have been busy, so busy in fact that we are not here. Work calls and neither of us are home. Consequently I wrote this last week and so it is not exactly up to the minute. I am not exactly up to speed with the writing but things are progressing story-wise. I […]