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There is a quick round this week. Again it has been a bit slow, but that may be more of a reflection of my own busy schedule. Cassie emailed me to say hi and say how much she liked the blog. She put a bid in for more on the Good Old Southern Switch. “Hurts […]



It does seem quieter than usual among the spanking blogs. There are one or two that haven’t updated in quite a while. Also I noticed that Real Spankings is still down. Does anyone know if they are still in business. I am sure they are, but they have been down or inaccessible from our part […]

I am still exploring BDSLMR, I am not sure about it yet. It seems far less accessible and perhaps rather too raw and explicit in the material there. But as some of you have said it is early days. To this end I have set-up A Voice in the Corner Annex, in part to allow […]

Weekly Round-Up


My PC is still out for the count, so I am still running the empire and my workflow on mobile devices. At some point I am going to have to stomp up for a new PC, but it is a bad time of year for cash flow (the tax man cometh) and I don’t want to […]

Weekly Round-Up


A quiet week in Spankville, which is just as well as I am in transit and might have missed something. Sorry for the late post, but here some pictures taken from: Dallas, Spanking Blogg, Richard Windsor, CutiePie, Chross, All Things Spanking and Acknowledging Imperfection.

The Harlequin


Some say she is cursed and others that she defies definition. Few beyond that magical other world have ever even seen her, but those that have can scarce agree on her appearance. On this day she seems as a girl not much above 20 and sits draped on the window sill in startling attire. Her […]

Weekly Round-Up


Christmas is advancing at a pace, although the weather in the UK is rather challenging. Where it is mild it is strangely warm, yet snow and flooding have hit much of the country at the same time, so travelling is going to be interesting. I blame the weather for my Internet outage at the weekend, […]

Weekly Round-Up


Our Christmas tree went up over the weekend while Indigo did the wifely thing of shopping for gifts. I drove miles through a deep dark forest to a mystical castle to face an army of elves… who had already cut down the tree and loaded it into the car for me. Hmmm… I really earned […]

Weekly Round-Up


Advent is fast looming and in its wake will come a lot of seasonal offerings; some of them no doubt on this blog. Its been a busy week, in the course of which my publisher informs me I have some 750,000 words pending publication.  We are still discussing the next viable project but I am […]

Weekly Round-Up


First can I say thanks to everyone who delurked or otherwise commented last week for LOL (two days). I remember the first ever comment some six years ago now and my first LOL Day when I realised that someone out there had noticed. Once upon a time I used to run a post announcing the […]