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Weekly Round-Up


Sometimes summer gives us a false start in June. Once when I was at school the maize field where we caught the bus was left under three inches of snow; a surreal image. It is not quite that bad at the moment but I am seriously considering lighting the fire if not sticking the central […]

Vintage Sunday


Part I The hour she stood in the corner had passed impossibly slowly for Sofia, a long miserable experience that left her with a strange new emotion she could not place. If she had been more worldly and less proud she would have recognised it as humility. At first she had been angry, but it […]

LSF have republished some of my stories, this time in a bargain box set. There is no new material I am afraid, although watch this space, but do feel free to buy them all again. The DJ Black Collection: Novella Box Set includes four complete novellas, which at 134,000 words makes it a novel length […]

Our story began here. Muriel Baxter was a surprise. Katherine had expected a dour elderly lady with horn-rimmed spectacles and grey hair piled like ice cream on her head. She had had a teacher like that at school and boy did mama spank. In the event Muriel was scarcely 40 and looked much younger. Although her […]

Brad Renfrew surveyed the small town and its sleepy Main Street and sighed. The world was in crisis and war had come to Europe, what was he still doing here? Not for the first time he muttered something about the army and going to Canada. “You’re such a jerk,” Kathy Rutherford sneered, “All talk and […]

Weekly Round-Up


Things are beginning to slow down in Spankville with all this summer heat. I was in Yorkshire for the weekend and forgot that even that far north it does not get dark this time of year. Having left the pub at closing time in twilight I was awoken at just after three with a blaze […]

Vintage Sunday


Vintage shame


  A vintage school room caning where everyone seems to be having fun except for one girl. Luckily it is a fake.

Sometime yesterday A Voice in the Corner received its 10,000,000th visitor. Four years, 10 months and 10 days after its launch the blog has been viewed over 10 million times. I can remember posting that I had received a shocking 10,000 visitors just a few months after starting up and had assumed at that point […]