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This week’s blog is the world famous Chross. It almost seems moot to feature it as a mere blog of the week. Such is its influence, people send emails to congratulate A Voice in the Corner whenever it gets Chrossed, that is to say whenever it is featured on Chross’s links of the week. Being […]

As previously promised here is a snippet on spanking philosophy from the Canadian frontier. The source was taken from a post entitled ‘the Canadian wild east’ from woodshed reminiscences. The setting is a ‘family farm commune’ in Nova Scotia in the 1920s and 30s. (The pictures are from other sources.) What follows has been extensively […]

The first of the cherry blossoms touched my heart with happiness, like a gentle hand in the morning mist. The first pink dusting on the trees was the sign that spring had come at last. This was my season, for in those days I was young. I was to be married to my Yoshi, a […]

The Spanking Chronicles of Cedar Lake by Ashley Jefferson has just been added to the bookshop. This book will be reviewed here in the near future. A Lulu reviewer gave it four stars out of five. Meanwhile here is the cover blurb: Kylie Langston never felt much sympathy for friends or peers punished in front […]

The Pink Report by Barely Pink is this week’s blog. Barely Pink is celebrating her first year as a blogger this week so happy birthday. Barely Pink is a girl who wants it hard and wants it often and doesn’t mind admitting that she although she is heterosexual she often prefers looking at girls in […]

El Lobo, as she liked to style herself, skipped sassily down the main street. Although no one dared tell her, the hat she wore was way too big and the leather cowboy chaps were an obscenity, worn as they were over her too tight denims that left nothing to the imagination. So tight were they, […]

After yesterday’s post the telephone rang and the conversation turned to a mutual friend who had recently married and moved away. The mutual friend in question, unknown to telephone friend, had been the conspirator in a few spanking adventures, so the reminiscences did not entirely coincide. One incident in particular set into motion a train […]

Been reorganising here and have taken the opportunity to look over various issues and unanswered comments. That has got the old grey matter creaking into life. Some people have asked why this blog? There have also been several requests for sequels of this story or that. Another person asked is it true? What a great […]

Abaconti hated reading in the back of the car. He also hated to admit it but it made him feel every bit as car sick as he did as a small boy. Then there was a jolt and the papers spilled on to the floor. “Sorry about that Mr Abaconti,” Alice, his driver, said anxiously. […]

Imagine the stories by Ashley Jefferson is another specialist entrant to this feature. Ashley writes about family and business relationships with a spanking twist. She was behind the successful Quest 5 blog, which was remarkable not least because of its demanding and unvarying publishing schedule; and the now defunct Primrose Girls. Her style, not unlike […]