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The Libertine, staring Johnny Depp, was seen on British TV recently and in it was a scene where Depp poses as a doctor who offers whipping to his women patients as a bona fide treatment. (See picture above). In light of genuine experience as a mentor and having recently encountered several other young ladies in […]

A while back, a young lady called S contacted DJ and got to talking about how much she liked his stories and how she wished that such things could happen in reality. Then she admitted that she had been less than entirely good and would welcome some advice. DJ warned her that things, such as […]

The Grampus


It was hot and Sandy still had no idea where she was or where she was going. She liked to think that she hated routine and that she never had a plan, but this morning when she had recklessly thrown away the map and had taken a random turn and hiked across a field, she […]

One of the challenges of writing spanking fiction is that both writer and the reader have to believe it. The hardest fiction to write therefore is that with a contemporary setting. A vehicle to overcome this challenge is to set stories either in the past or the future. Historical fiction in this genre is always […]

Normal service will be resumed shortly after that little break. There were two funny responses to the unannounced pause. Thanks Anon, for expressing thanks for being given a chance to catch up on A Voice in the Corner posts, yes there have been a few long ones lately. And no DJ Black hasn’t succumbed to […]

The four of them made their way along the beach as they headed towards the day-tripper car park. Three of the girls were smirking and trading significant glances as they gently shoved the fourth girl along. “Oh come on guys we don’t have to go this far.” She wailed. “You know that we do Carol.” […]

Seen recently on UK TV was the comedy Carry On Jack. If you are not familiar with the 20 or so Carry On films, then suffice to say they are unlikely bawdy tales that are invariably set in historic situations. The line from Carry On Cleo, a spoof on the Anthony and Cleopatra legend, ‘infamy, […]

Some people have protested about the short post on the 1960s having few spanking credentials of its own. So a hunt was launched for some decent images to support this protest, however none could be found, other than those tired ‘posed for’ snaps that appeared in vanilla magazines at the time.  However, here are two […]

Another snippet, from something called the Memoirs of Berlin set in the 1960s (do we have a theme for the week), which may have been originally translated and published in Privilege magazine. Again maybe true, probably not, you decide. Today I am happily married and very much part of a modern German family, but when […]

What is wrong with the 1960s? It does not automatically suggest a rich vein for romantic erotic discipline. Not like some decades, which just evoke a spanking atmosphere. The 1900s and the 1910s conjure up images of petticoats and corsets, just ripe for stripping or a partially clothed birching. The 1920s with all those naughty […]