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In a Flap


The clack-clack of the typewriter filled the office as Amelia Travers picked her way through desks piled high with old tea chests. Many were over-ladened with business sundries and long dead accounts for transactions now  forgotten. She was a slight girl from the modern cut with a dark page-boy bob and a straight up and […]

Petunia had scouted ahead first to make sure the coast was clear. Well it had been her turn and anyway she was the oldest. That left Amelia ‘Bother’ Botherington and ‘Spiffy’ Susie Watkins to sneak up behind in her train. They both thought that Petunia, Spiffy’s elder sister, was a bit wet, but she did […]

In a Flap


What follows is reminiscent of the sort of stuff the late Alex Birch used to publish on his blog, A Taste of Birch. In it is not certain it didn’t come from there.  If anyone knows the source just sound off. Firstly though let’s quote Al Capone, an impeccable source for the maintenance of order, […]

House Rules


In 1923 young college girls arriving at their boarding house in Richmond Virginia would not have been surprised to see a list of rules on the wall. No gentlemen callers after 7.30pm No gentlemen visitors to be allowed in rooms at any time No food to be eaten in your rooms No alcohol at any […]

A couple of years back we had a post on spanking the flapper, which seemed to have been an international sport back in the 1920s. Well it seems we only just found the tip of a proverbial iceberg. The interesting thing is the number of spanking cases that seemed to have ended up in the […]

In the course of research for Portraits of a Marriage, many interesting things were uncovered. It seems that the ‘spanking vice’ has never been far from the surface and today’s proliferation of web-based spanking horseplay is nothing new. As can be observed from the picture above. The curious thing is that it seems to have […]

In the post (first world) war period women were freer than they ever had been before but not everyone approved of their ‘wild’ behaviour. These women became known as Flappers. Here is an encyclopaedia definition of a Flapper. The term flapper in the 1920s referred to a ‘new breed’ of young women who wore short […]