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Looking at society around us it is easy to assume that we live in a vanilla world. Vanilla after all, we assume, is the wider community’s default setting. However, you did not have to look very far to see that our brand of spice is often not far below the surface. Perhaps the world is […]

Here in Britain the BBC TV recently showed again their teleplay The Secret Life of Mrs Beeton (shown on Masterpiece Theatre in the US). For those who don’t know, at the age of only 22, Mrs Beeton wrote a very famous book on Victorian household management, which is still in print today. Her husband and […]

That night she had to sleep on her belly. Damn the man, she thought as she eased herself painfully to her feet. She was wearing only pyjama tops so her long slim legs were on show as she gingerly lowered them to the floor. “Yikes.” She yelped as her bare bottom touched the bed sheets […]

The beach was secluded and a long way from the nearest dwellings. It had seemed a perfect place for them to sunbathe nude. Anita had certainly not oversold the place. “This is perfect.” Karen purred. “It’s so long since I have had a good holiday. Even longer since we had one together.” “I know. I […]

Just got back from some time away. Sun, sea, boats and a few days away from anything to do with spanking. Well maybe, but not so very far. The boat had a spanker and the shops were full of postcards that delighted in expounding on any spanking pun they could think off. One had a […]

A while back the Spanking Library invited DJ Black to enter its Summer Story Contest. As was previously reported here the story went on to win the competition. It has been available to read over at the library for a while now but as promised and for the first time here is the award-winning story […]

Now that you are paying attention, at the start of the week there was an opportunity for some reader participation. S wrote a story inviting the reader to come up with a suitable punishment for her, based on the rules included in her tale. As there will be short break for summer over the long […]

The lawyer was young and ambitious and all his enquiries had suggested that she was a hotshot when it came to probate, just the kind he needed. Although while he was waiting he couldn’t help but notice her long stockinged legs descending from a short tight skirt that was barely adequate and loose enough to […]

It’s hot in London at the moment. It also happens to be the last week of the school year before the long summer break. The prevailing fashion among London’s teenage girls at the moment seems to be a St Trinian’s style school uniform parody. Perhaps because of the heat this means some very short skirts […]

A short while back we had a story from S. That one was loosely based upon a real life encounter between S and DJ Black. At the time, our favourite Dutch girl (good luck for later – this girl has bet her arse on the outcome – literally) promised a fictional account of her visit […]