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The lane stretched out before them, curving away to the farm through the trees just beyond. To their right was the lake, cool and inviting on such a summer’s day, although Henry had forbidden her to go in today. Something buzzed around them for a moment before being carried away by the breeze. The same […]

Weekly Round-up


A busy week and not enough time spent in the blogosphere as one might have liked. Nevertheless here are a few of the things that have caught the eye this week. By the way the pictures above are from Stan at Au Fil and Andy’s Dames respectively. Poppy St Vincent has been busy again with […]

Now these pictures, along with a few others, were found on a foreign language forum labelled 1970s sorority hazing. There was little discernible other information and which country it’s from is a mystery. A little research revealed that US style sororities are active in the Philippines and other American influenced nations. Now the pictures don’t […]

Recently, a convoluted journey through interwar years in search of spanking history in cultures as diverse as flappers, college girls and the theatre, has thrown up several random snippets. For instance, following up a chance spanking reference on a recent TV documentary about the theatre in England and the sometimes rather rugged accommodation performers had […]

Somewhere a seagull sang as it dipped over the bay. The mainland, which had been playing hide and seek in the fog all morning, was now completely out of sight so that Maris looked every bit the remote island it effectively was. Sometimes it was an isolated life, but at least on the island the […]

The three pictures above were sent in by TipTopper. The first two are interesting in themselves as they haven’t been seen so often, but they all belong to another time if not another world. For one thing the first picture is making a joke that is hard to follow for us now and has an […]

Weekly Round-up


The first picture above was taken from Aus Fils Des Jours and the second from Yeowch. Interestingly enough when first looking at this week’s offerings it rather looked like a poor show, but when added up it seems to have been a rather good week in the blogosphere. Let’s begin with a relatively new blog […]

The picture above was entitled a ‘landlady with a switch circa 1920.’ It doesn’t seem like the usual posed for saucy postcard of the era, for one thing it appears to have been photographed outside. It doesn’t mean it is genuine of course but it does put one in mind of the Everston girls from […]

Just you wait


“Just you wait until your father gets home young lady,” Aunt Rachel scolded. Rachel didn’t even bother to look up from her make-up as she spoke. In fact she barely paid any mind to what she was saying, being more concerned with whether or not her lipstick would match or clash with her long reddish […]

Not sure where this seasonal vintage spanking picture came from. The girl is enduring a public spanking on the beach with a flipper in front of her friends. What she has done, no one knows, but the on-looking male has a very grim set to his body while the girl is not sure if she […]