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A Decade on…


Another year’s end has come, a decade since this blog began in August 2009. Too much has happened to properly review the last 10 years but I thought I would mark its passing. When I began this blog I was single and living out of a suitcase half the year as an international corporate publisher. […]

The correspondence began here. Dear Amelia, I did indeed spank a Prussian Princess, and more than once. I will not name her here, but you may remember her name. Spanking was the least of it, although once she had felt the birch she came to regard the slipper and hairbrush as her friend. I brought her […]

Vintage Sunday


Merry Christmas


Vintage Sunday


The correspondence began here. Dear Amelia, It was so lovely to see you and thank you so much for your hospitality. What a delightful and well-brought-up young lady you have become. It was lovely to relive old times and I was most gratified that you did not bear me any ill feeling from my time as […]

  I have been pondering how to draw some disparate and short threads together. Although not connected in any way these do have a broad western/cowboy theme a fetish/fantasy shared by many. Ingrid from South Africa had some tales about tails that I may use in future, but she asked me did I now a […]



Still trying to get Wolf out before Christmas. My original plan of finishing it (less than five episodes to go) looks (highly) unlikely now. There will be a couple of Governess shorts and at least one anecdote. Ronnie has some more spanking blogs to enjoy. Other images were found at: AAA, Chicago, Contemporary Life, Spanking […]

I have been rushing about finishing work and doing Christmas I keep forgetting something.