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This blog used to report every time it hit another 10,000 visits, but that was discontinued because it started happen so often that there would be posts about nothing else and no one is probably that interested anyway. But here is a quick round-up nevertheless. Most popular have been Markham, sororities, flappers, Alice, Angela and […]

Have you ever checked out the discussion boards? It is interesting how often they are about spanking in all its forms. The best threads are those about young women who oh so reluctantly have to submit to a punishment they say they are too old for. Typically someone will write to a board and ask […]

Here is a further update on the award winning Markham Project posts. Dr Roman has come up with some more information. It seems that the original article was republished in another magazine with some details added and a reader sent in a letter to the following issue. The Markham and Maybury Academy of Correctional Education […]

There has been some more feedback on the posts about sororities. Carol-Anne from Montana has emailed me to defend sorority rituals and hazing practices. She writes: I read with interest your posts on sorority spanking. I am not sure that all your contributors were entirely on the level, shall we say, but they could be […]

Spanking in art


Words have to be the most powerful medium, because ultimately anything can be contained or described in words. However there is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. The trouble with pictures is that the camera always lies. People look fatter in photographs than they really are and younger in black […]

There was an email to this blog the other day asking about Dotes. The gist of the mail was if the Dotes feature is based on true stories, then why are there not more stories about DJ as the Dom. This chimed with another conversation being had elsewhere. So for Elly and especially New Girl […]

Angela’s story continues. I hated waiting. As usual, time passed slowly as I stood in the corner and as usual with the prospect of the cane in the offing, I found it harder to zone out. At some point the phone rang and I heard David having a relaxed chat with someone. With nothing else […]

The sorority spanking posts got the biggest response ever on this blog. Here are a few a samples of comments made and a little bit more info that has been uncovered. This blog has been criticised lately for touching on dangerous ground, this subject more than others. Two women started to tell and then retracted, […]



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There will no posts for a few days. DJ is away. Anyway there is the wrong kind of snow on the cable connection.