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This is more or less just a plug for one of my books. I’ll shove the publishers blurb in at the bottom. Consider what proceeds it as clever prose designed to beguile you. However, while we are on the subject, I would like to thank those of you who have bought my books even though […]

Now I Remember


The day after I launch my PC goes down and I am not sure it is working properly yet. That binned my Monday post. Yes I remember these problems now, if it is not the CMS interface it is the sever, if it is not that it is access to a computer. The new challenge […]

Jocelyn Deveraux was a four feet eleven inch tower of defiance. Her impossible gold blonde tresses were neatly pinned under a riding bowler draped at the brim with a pair of driving goggles. From under these two big blue eyes regarded the world in triumph. The goggles were a promise to herself that she would […]

Part one here Alice Eden leaned back against the diner wall and looked up at the Montana sky with a groan. All she had to do to complete the probate work on the Stephens estate was get three crumby signatures and then she was out of this dump. Dr Anderson had been pleasant enough. He […]

Thank you for all the requests and inquiries about our absence. Every day for the last two years we have had dozens of people requesting access to A Voice in the Corner: even today. That’s thousands of you! I wasn’t that surprised in the first few weeks, but your requests kept on coming and that […]

Tomorrow I hope to post the next part of the Deal. Meanwhile have a good weekend.

I have finally got a new PC and I am immersed in extensive set up and back-ups etc… I think it may take a day or two more as I have to give priority to my client business. Meanwhile here is some music… I mean a picture.

Vintage Update


I published the top picture some time ago as part of a Vintage Sunday. The quality is appalling, but the subject slight unusual and has an authentic feel. Then I cam across this slightly better version and thought I would share. The wide angle of the room with the ‘shamed’ woman almost secondary is a long […]

Weekly Round-Up


Hi all, no proper Round-up this week as I am away on business. I am still struggling with this mobile mularky and as a consequence haven’t been able to queue up as many posts in advance. I hope to have at least one story and a feature or two in the coming week but otherwise there […]