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  The correspondence began here. Dear Amelia, Thank you for your letter and you were wise to amend the description of our encounter, I would have indeed been disappointed otherwise. Clarity of word is clarity of thought, how else are we to learn? Sadly the school room lines were less adequate. I counted only 198 lines […]



We have a lot going on and the spanking world is getting busier. A lot of updates this week – too many to review. The headline has to be the return of Emma Bishop, professional actress and part time spanking model who retired a couple of years back. She has a new site and a […]

  The correspondence began here. My Dear Miss Carlisle, Here is the letter you asked me to write. I have included the 200 lines of penance you ordered following our little chat. I trust they are satisfactory as they took me quite some time to write and I must confess I felt like a school girl […]

Mentor Mine


A few years back I wrote about a professional woman who sought and found a spanking mentoring relationship with another older professional woman. We speculated then whether this was a common need among women. It seems that for some it is. Here are a few more such situations. Tiffany from Boston wrote a testimonial for a […]

Vintage Sunday


LSF have published another collection of my work. Disciplinary Tales Issue 10. This issue of Disciplinary Tales features the following stories: A Hapless Girl: Carolynn is a naughty girl, first for messing around with a married man, secondly for being 45 minutes late back to work at lunchtime. But her employer, Mr Black, knows exactly […]



I am having a mare with the connectivity. Surfing the web and updating myself on the community is proving to be a waste of the first day I have had off in months. While I am here, thank you for all your best wishes over the holiday and all the emails that have come in […]

The correspondence began here. My dear Amelia, Did you but know it you have taken a very brave step by admitting and embracing your needs. When I next see you we will indeed discuss how a certain young lady might benefit from my guidance and I just know where to begin. On that I will say […]

Vintage Sunday




Amid the usual pictures there are two interesting extras. Firstly Vanilla Spanking has great feature on the spanking of 1920s ballerinas, which ended in a duel and an agreement that the Ballet Master had every right to spank his students. Also Ronniehas a list of new spanking blogs for you to enjoy. The images were […]