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They had decided to settle the bet off-base and to that end Ann had come to John’s London flat in Kensington. It was a small place at the top of a Georgian terrace house in side road off Holland Street. John told her that the landlord had had the apartment sound-proofed and that they wouldn’t […]

With season being slow, blog of the week could easily have been held over for another week. However, yesterday Poppy St Vincent wrote an excellent and very personal post about how fundamental what she calls This Thing We Do (TTWD) is to her; and that it alone rates Blog of the Week. Check out Poppy’s […]

Ann watched Susie as she sat fidgeting on the dining room chair. It was about as far from her usual armchair as it was possible to get and stay in the same room where she had been told to wait. It was almost as if Ann’s future daughter-in-law was practicing being uncomfortable. That or else […]

A while back this blog asked which story settings readers preferred. Although historical and domestic figured highly, there was no conclusive front runner. This was also true for the interpersonal spanking dynamic. Men spanking women was the most popular preference, but many of you said that the scenario could not be separated from your preference. […]

During the early days of satire many artists were fond of illustrating famous people getting spanked or whipped. The first image, the Royal Joke, which depicts the Prince of Wales spanking his mistress, Mrs Fitzherbert, is a typical example of this In England during the 18th century both society at large and the law had […]

Merry Christmas


The above may be a spoof Christmas card (or a real one) as actress Toyah Wilcox was not entirely unknown to the spanking life. For those who remember, back in the early 1980s she was a punk rock star usually to be seen adorned in leather and wielding whips. Also early in her acting career […]

Christmas magic


The above pictures are from scenes in the 1966 B movie Love Is A Four Letter Word; a movie that as you can see includes some sorority spanking. The pictures have been supplied by Tip Topper who writes: “Obviously it is not a realistic scene, as sorority paddlings were never done in that way to […]

A Special case


It was over. Nothing could save it, not even Mr High-Almighty Himself. He had promised her it would be alright, that nothing she could do could ever break it and then… She sat on her suitcase and shuddered. She would never be able to look any of them in the face again. “Petal,” his voice […]