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We knew the Victorians were keen on spanking on the birch, it went hand in hand with keeping young women in their place but just how far did they go? Here we have a true account of a woman offering a discipline service for unruly adult daughters. I came across this tale in the History […]

A Pantomime


Once upon a time in a land on the outer reaches of Europe dwelt a man and his daughter. They both lived in what had once been a small castle, but was now little more than a fortified house on the edge of town. Count Verity was a tall dark haired man of middling wealth […]

These were found on EP and were published as true accounts. One or two of these don’t entirely ring true though, but as usual you can decide. I know some you appreciate this sort of thing and some of the accounts that follow are better than others. Jenny wrote: Even when we were in college […]

Part one here. I had been with Eugenia for a year when we first met the Laithwaites. We were in Venice at the time and I have an abiding memory of sunshine and ladies in white lace dresses. The Laithwaites were a mother and daughter also travelling alone on account of the widowhood of Mrs […]

Our story started here. Stephan tossed a stone and watched it skip out to meet the waves. The beach looked different in daylight and without Chelsea it was downright lonely. The skipping stone did not get far before it was swallowed by a breaker; white horses his mother had called them when she was alive. […]

Not to be too presumptuous, judging from feedback I know that most of you out there like relationship punishment spankings and romantic spankings. This is pretty much where we are all at these days to a greater or lesser extent. But one of the things that first got many people’s attention when it came to […]

It had seemed like such a good idea at the time. She wasn’t getting any younger and at almost 37, the prospect of an arranged marriage to the wealthy, handsome and erudite Alec Kingdom had its attractions. For one thing, he had agreed not only to allow her to continue to follow her career, but […]

The tears rolled down 18-year-old Lucy Martin’s cheeks causing her mascara to run and her mother Ann thought she was the most woeful sight she had ever seen. As her daughter entered the room, she took slow careful steps and opted to throw herself face down on the settee, rather than sit on it. Once […]

“Okay let me see if I have got this right,” Laura Carmichael said after a very deep breath, “My uncle, Dean Latimer, my late uncle… I mean he is dead and this not some joke?” Laura frowned and paused to gather her thoughts again before continuing, as the lawyer leaned forward linked his hands in […]

Following on from Thursday’s post about spanking anecdotes of yesteryear, here is one that should have been included. This little reminiscence of Rachel’s is similar to that of her namesake reported here back in 2009 in a post entitled, The Slipper and the Art of Spanking in 1970s England. She writes: In the last year […]