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Thank you everyone who has revisited this blog since the relaunch in August. Visitors have recovered to almost 55 percent of the levels we had before the hiatus, all due to your continued support. The Christmas slow down is with us. I noticed that about 70 percent of the Tumblr blogs vanished, but a few […]



I suppose the big news this week is that most, if not all, spanking and nudity is about to be banned from Tumblr. It seems that the Big T is about to reinvent itself, beginning with a purge. Most vanilla experts seem to predict the death of Tumblr, who  also host a lot of community […]

I haven’t seen Love, Honor and Obey (1938), although like many of you I have seen the posters and stills that occasionally circulate with the featured spanking. Apparently this movie has not been released for DVD nor is it available on TCM. The reason I suspect is the fisticuffs between the husband and wife at […]

Schadenfreude is a German word meaning ‘to take pleasure from someone else’s misfortune.’ This sentiment or emotion often goes to the heart of those interested in spanking and this is also true where consensual spanking is concerned. From time to time A Voice in the Corner gets comments and emails lamenting articles on real life […]

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Ouch such a lot this week and not all good unfortunately. Finally got to the bottom of why Crimson and Black bit the dust. A notice to desist arrived two months late. Tumblr are better at taking down blogs than they are asking blog owners to make changes it seems. Furthermore the complainant was by […]

My girl is reading a book on the history of sex and punishment, she was hoping for more spanking subjects, but it is actually grim reading. Motivated by her interest, a quick search found a vanilla blog about church decor. If you are British you will know that there are hundreds of medieval churches in […]

The Hays Code, an odious instrument of cultural censorship that plagued America between 1930 and 1968 may have been a blessing disguise for the spanking community. The Code, which was not universally adopted and enforced until 1934 prohibited a whole range of on-screen activities that we today would view as ridiculous as chopping of the […]