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As I said at the top of the week, I recently had two different sorority anecdotes sent to me. The first is from Anthony who often comments here and is republished with his permission and that of the girls involved. I took the liberty of making some edits. Tony seems to be a master of […]

We do not mean to be this difficult.  We never meant for it to be this difficult at all. Here is the thing. We want you to understand that we are independent women that have demanding jobs and we are perfectly capable of running our lives, thank you very much. So you cannot tell us […]

Paul Heaver yawned and stretched as he entered the kitchen. It had been a long day and he was in no mood for even the tiniest of domestic crises. Then he remembered that Prudence had been late with the rent again and he sighed. He might have tackled it that morning before work but the […]

Weekly Round-Up


I have been sent not one, but two sorority anecdotes this week, one of them not five minutes before I began writing this post; more on that soon. I have also managed to misfile several stories and put them temporarily beyond reach. It’s a long story, but it means I may have to rethink the […]

Vintage Sunday


Part 1 can be found here. Megan looked back at the scores of faces lined up at the VIP Lounge window, not one of them belonged to Ahmed. She wasn’t surprised, he had made it clear that any public goodbyes would be unseemly and she had agreed wholeheartedly. But all the same she felt a […]

Part 1 can be found here. The road cut through the desert like a causeway bridging a restless sea. Neither of them had spoken for a while and Megan sensed a change. But even the modern city up ahead came as a shock, even to Ahmed, who must have known it was there for he […]

You may have heard it said that every good boy deserves favour. Well good for him, he should get just that. I wish him all the joy in the world. But girls, it must be pointed out, are not like boys at all. It is scientific fact that whilst boys may be made of slugs, […]

Soul Mates


Once bucolic countryside had taken on a sinister aspect and where green trees had been charming they now looked gnarled, like ancient trolls, where glades had shone in dappled sunshine, the feeble yellow grass now looked garish. She was gone. Adam threw the car around the bend as if it and he had no value […]

Weekly Round-Up


For some reason spanking, and censorship reforms have not made the agenda for the UK Election campaigns, which is ironic when you consider that the new laws were only pencilled in on the back of an envelope as a sop to the Tory old guard who needed to be mobilised for doorstep duty. The trouble […]