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Part I here The call of the moon and the change that came with it was a private thing for some. For that reason as the sun fell below the tree line the compound looked deserted. For once not even the gate was guarded. Bare-chested, Garrick stood on the rise above his home and regarded the […]

Part I here On a good day Augusta could have passed for a woman under 40. Even without make-up and in jeans with a gingham shirt she looked a good way off 50. It would have surprised even some of those in the pack that out in California her grandson led a pack and had grandchildren […]

Vintage Sunday


Taking a Break


Part I here “This road goes along the edge of the Stone property,” Stacy told Alice as the beat up Toyota bumped along a back track through the woods. “This is about as close as it comes,” she added and slowed down. “So if the road doesn’t go to the ranch why are we on it?” […]



Life takes an unexpected turn sometimes, it did for me and quite out of the blue I found out who I really was. My name is Tamsin Graham, a proud redhead and these days I am an IP lawyer. Of course nowadays the red hair gets some colouring assistance out of a bottle, but back […]

Part I here Melanie regarded the hard-backed chair facing her make-up table with an admixture of dread and resolve; not that she made the least move towards it. Instead she stood with her hands on her hips from where tentative fingers sallied out to probe the dusky burgundy flesh of her behind. Her upper thighs ached […]

Summer Fun


I don’t know what she expects to happen with that paddle, but I know what you are thinking. Just a reminder that we are away. Enjoy your holidays.

Vintage Sunday


This is more or less just a plug for one of my books. I’ll shove the publishers blurb in at the bottom. Consider what proceeds it as clever prose designed to beguile you. However, while we are on the subject, I would like to thank those of you who have bought my books even though […]