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Vintage Sunday




Still busy here, but I have got more done. Almost finished Holodeck and will refocus on the Wolf soon. A lot of people are on their holidays. Here is a quick round-up of some of the images out and about. Contributions this week found at: Devlin, Ronnie, Dallas, Contemporary Life, Real Spanking, Spanking Blogg, and […]

Another collection of mainly M/F spanking stories from LSF is now available. This issue of Disciplinary Tales features the following stories: Secret Memoirs of a 1950s Secretary: A legal secretary during the 1950s and 1960s, Brenda is very enterprising and manages to persuade her boss to spank her. Sir Brian is seemingly reluctant at first, […]

Janice K had wondered her whole life what a spanking would be really like. As a teen she had been warned to be careful going out alone and that strangers were dangerous. She had always imagined that these dark consequences would involve a spanking. Deliberately she had flouted caution and put herself in danger. Of […]

Vintage Sunday


Part one here Tzara watched her new arch nemesis walk away with a swagger that rivalled most of the men in this world. What could she say, she was guilty. She remembered the captain and felt sick. What about the others too, did they get away? If they did would they survive or get shipwrecked light […]

I stumbled upon the Wertham Project that was discussing 1940s and 50s culture and especially the link between comics and movies. It touches upon the popular campaign to get Lois Lane spanked by Superman, which elsewhere gained traction until the publishers suspected that the calls had been hijacked by more prurient interests. There were wider […]



Finally getting a little more time, with the emphasis on little. Thanks for those who have got in touch, and a specially shout out for CF Publications who got in touch. Since we are mentioning stories, remember to check out LSF too. I have been out in the Sticks braving the floods, well not that […]

Part one here Tzara had never been so embarrassed. It had seemed an age since she had been sent to the corner and even the sting in her bottom had eased to a dull roar. However the shame of it was all too real and whenever she began to tune out someone would make a comment […]

Vintage Sunday