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The door was locked. She tried it again and although it gave a little it would not open wide enough to let her pass. The staircase to her right was rickety and in any case didn’t go anywhere. She was trapped. She thought about asking the moustached man in the bowler hat who chose that […]

Weekly Round-Up


T his is a cool trick, I am actually not here and I am away on holiday. But lo and behold here is a Weekly Round-Up, compiled a little early. The cutting above is about an industrial spanking chair for girls. It has been doing the rounds on Tumblr over the last week and I […]

Vintage Sunday


As I am currently on leave and posting will slow down (but not stop) here is a placeholder for our favourite subject.

She knew that look and subconscious hands strayed to her bottom. Meanwhile he was smirking at her, actually smirking. He was sitting on the big settee by the back door facing the balcony window and she looked nervously over to it in the hopes that the glass doors that led outside were firmly close. She […]

This account by 25-year-old Ashley was found on EP. My First Adult Spanking was soon after I was married. I don’t remember the exact situation, but we were at a resturant for dinner and I had an attitude. While he was paying I stormed out to the car. He got in the car, we drove […]

Phoebe had drifted through life since college. Feckless her mother had called it, but the petite redhead thought that Mum could just as easily be talking about herself for all the direction she had ever provided. Still the informal apprenticeship with a City firm of interior decorators didn’t exactly feel permanent and Phoebe fully expected […]

Weekly Round-Up


The holidays beckon and I am nowhere near being ready. Usually I take a lap-top and write while I am away, but I suspect that I won’t be able to this year. So if the posts drop off somewhat you will know why. Nonetheless, there is still time and for a change it is hot, […]