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Never too old


Both girls shifted uneasily in their seats at the back of Billy’s car. Tammy glanced at her watch. Eight minutes past curfew. Perhaps she should have phoned. “Late for something?” Mandy asked hopefully, herself now 38 minutes late. “No I was just…” She was too old for a curfew anyway, Tammy thought, dismissing Mandy’s question. […]

“Just one more word young lady and I’m going to spank your bare bottom purple.” These words or words very much like them were uttered by an irate mother to her obviously grown up daughter in a lost Saturday afternoon movie, long, long ago. Maybe a week a later an angry father would threaten his […]

Tattoo you


Opinions tend to differ on tattoos, but they seem to have a place in the BDSM sub-culture and sometimes by extension, the spanking lifestyle. The picture above may be a rare nude portrait of Melanie Sykes, the British former model and TV presenter, although thankfully the design seen is only in semi-permanent henna. While such […]

In case you might have missed it, at the start of this month A Voice in the Corner teamed up with Poppy’s Submission’s to find a home for our surplus pictures. It has enabled us pay homage to the many great photographic artists and models, see some old favourites and maybe one or two like […]

Spanks Giving


Laurie was late. What is more, she had forgotten to bring the cranberry, her contribution to the festivities. She hoped and prayed that Mama Tobin wouldn’t mind, otherwise after thanksgiving she would be in a lot of trouble. Trouble was, Mama Tobin seemed to mind an awful lot. Mama was her late husband’s mother and […]

Is it Thursday already? Choosing a blog of the week is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. It is good when it’s hard because it is a good week in the blogosphere, and not so when it seems to be a slow week. Sometimes it can come down to one picture that catches the eye. This […]

There are three posts pending and none of them are ready. When you think about it is hard to know exactly what does make a good post. An original story, well sure, a hitherto unknown snippet of information, well also obvious, but they don’t just happen, what about a great picture? Again, you can’t just […]

As regular readers of this blog will know, many DJ Black stories are also published over at the Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction. Well the KLSF has launched a new online magazine called Wellred Weekly. This week the issue carries an interview with yours truly, so now would be a good time to check it […]

Another anecdote, this time from Pete; a family story told to him by a work mate a few years back. The man involved went to stay with an older cousin in while his 20s when he went on a course. The cousin had married a man with two college-aged daughters, and they later had a […]

There is a great post over at Barely Pink’s Pink Report, this week’s blog of the week. You have to love the naïve assumption that tops can’t read. If you can’t in fact read, there are also some great pictures.