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Some of you have asked after my wife since I told you she was working on a project of her own. It has even been suggested that I have grounded her and that is why she has disappeared. Although sometimes I am sorely tempted, this is not the case this time. The last time I […]

Mrs Black isn’t very well at the moment, but she insists on soldiering on. This is how brave she is. Indigo is brave about a lot of things, most things really. In fact there are so far only three things I have found that she is afraid of. I will come to those in a […]

You may be looking for a piece by Indigo but she has been too busy to write one and I don’t have one in the library. Sorry about that, I’ll prompt her for something soon. The next part of the Deal will be posted tomorrow.

The Bath


One of the best things about being immersed in all those bubbles was that the ringing could never get to you. She stayed just as she was, chin and nose sticking out of the rose scented bubbles, toe playing lazily with the cold tap and her hair in a messy top knot. The day had […]

The S word


It would help if I stated immediately what the S word is. That would be an excellent start to my meander. Believe me; I have tried to do just that. Look I could write it here … However, I find that I am not ready to do so. I simply cannot let it slip out […]

Finding Him


She is pretty sure she has him all beaten in- out topping the Top has always been easy for her. He could have punished her earlier when she was submissive and pliable after a luscious morning spent in bed. Her back was arched then, her eyes were wide and she followed his wishes in the […]

Half an hour ago she had abandoned her lap top for paper and ink. The paper was cream, rich as buttermilk, slightly imperfect so that her pen rose and fell as she made marks across the page. They were just marks though, swirls and curls in her purple ink, not a single word was formed […]



They are reading, together and calmly. Him a book on the Russian Revolution, and her a novel by a new author,  novel of maps, seas and secrets. The clock ticks. She turns a page. He rubs the bridge of his nose. “Bed,” he says. He does not look up. He turns another page. “Where?” she […]

 “You did what?” His voice froze her with its tone. “I just thought you’d find it …” There did not seem to be a good end to the sentence. Marie ran a manicured hand down her new dress and thought what a terrible waste. It should have been such fun. “She’s not an ‘it.’” He […]

I don’t care what anyone says, it is beautiful here. The trees are two tone, dark and startling white. At night, the fields stretch up to greet you, there is no dark; nothing is hidden or frightening. Tonight I caught snowflakes on my tongue. I walked on crunchy snow as I became a pink hatted […]