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I stumbled upon this report on YouTube about an new official Russian Sport of spanking. At first I thought it must be a hoax, and maybe it is, but several British and Russian Tabloids have reported on it and the pictures above are stills from a video. The sport is played between women only, or […]

A few years ago it was reported that an entire women’s soccer team were spanked by their (female) coach following a bet that they would not lose. Nor it seems are they alone in the sporting world. The spanking here may be seen as a bit of fun but famously according  to her autobiography, Romanian […]

Roberta Caldwell loved the feel of the hard saddle beneath her bottom and the way the taught familiar jodhpurs felt tight on her legs. Old Sandy moved like liquid poetry between her thighs as she guided him up the chalk ridge to the very top. At 36 and with two divorces to her name, horse-riding was […]

Here are a selection of pictures sent in by Ruth. She says she will dig out more but claims that at least some of these are real. In the spirit of reportage I pass them on. The captions with them read: Queen’s University Ladies Boat Club punishment 1976, corner time forfeit, impromptu bus stop spanking […]

Dojo Discipline


There are many accounts of spanking in sport; some have been discussed on this blog. There was even a rumour doing the rounds 10 years back that a certain ‘vampire slaying’ actress was spanked by her kick boxing coach; the product of over imagination no doubt. However, I did chance across these two snippets which […]

The girl raced down the lane seemingly doing 150 on her gleaming silver Japanese motorbike forcing Liam Brady to side-step onto the grass verge. Okay, he thought she was probably only doing 40, but in the narrow country road it was just too fast. Like you never went speeding anywhere, he berated himself. Maybe you […]

Out and proud


Because so much good stuff comes out on a Friday, which gets overlooked, Blog of the Week is being moved to Monday. So instead, today here is a picture pulled from Tumblr. I have no idea what is going on or where the picture was taken but something tells me that these bruises were not […]

Okay so its just padding, but with the Olympics and Paralympics over, we should keep the momentum up consider the benefits of exercise. A proper post tomorrow.  

This is a curious anecdote from an off-topic forum. It all sounds a bit fanciful, but stranger things have happened. It concerns the spanking of a women’s football (soccer) team by a male coach. It seems that on pitch fouls and other offences, including losing a game was dealt with by spanking the offenders (including […]

The people hustling along the bridge on their way to work could be forgiven for not even noticing. It was a rainy summer’s day and most of them had assignments to finish before the holidays. In any case, the small park that started under the bridge and ran alongside the river was often frequented by […]