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You might have heard of rock school, where it was always presumed that people went to learn music. Well these pictures show that back in 1983 some rock gods went to school to learn how to spank. Now here we have the graduation pictures for the class of 1983. As you can see from the […]

Our story began here. Sylvia had decided against kneeling up in the back of the Range Rover as Mary drove her to the Lodge. Instead she sat up front lifting the full weight of her bottom of the seat with her arms either side of her thighs; a position that caused the housekeeper much amusement. […]

Happy Easter


Cowboy spanking


  There was a very nice email from Karen asking if there will be any more cowboy spankings. Well I don’t usually do requests, but I am sure that there will be a tale or two one day soon in this direction. The western theme has been explored here before, after all, meanwhile here are […]

Our story began here. Sylvia could feel the Egyptian cotton rasping against her sore bottom as she hugged into Gerald, but she didn’t care. Even as he turned and scraped the cane tracks on her bottom with a more intimate rod, she squealed in delight. For a few moments he found the cleft of her […]

Here are two vintage photographs from TipTopper that I have never before seen. He sent one other, but it has been published elsewhere recently and I didn’t want to detract form the great find of the other two. In the first the man seems to be wearing golfing trousers? The woman also seems to have […]

Weekly Round-Up


Sadly I am in transit again and have not had time to write a full-out report this week. There is a lot out there though. Firstly the pictures. In no particular order: The first is a historic find taken from Abby Sage’s Naked, if you want to read the text she has written out for […]

Vintage Sunday


Here is a short set of three vintage images. One of these pictures I have seen before, but the other two were pulled from two different Tumblr blogs, but do appear to match.

Our story began here. Gerald found that he resented Mary’s suggestion that Drake be brought in to see to his wife’s growing needs. Drake was nothing but a stopgap in Gerald’s world; someone to handle the on-going disciplinary requirements of his strange menagerie of staff. No, when it came to spankmanship, he would be setting […]

In a Flap


What follows is reminiscent of the sort of stuff the late Alex Birch used to publish on his blog, A Taste of Birch. In it is not certain it didn’t come from there.  If anyone knows the source just sound off. Firstly though let’s quote Al Capone, an impeccable source for the maintenance of order, […]