Chinese domestic discipline


Naked Chinese girlA while back in the UK there was a lot in the newspapers about ‘Dragon Mothers.’ These are allegedly very strict ethnically Chinese mothers, mainly living in English speaking countries, who push their children very hard. Two particular cases came to light, one where a woman was quoted as saying that her daughter had disgraced the family for coming second in the school out of x-thousand kids instead of first and another where a late teen daughter had to stand naked in the corner when she was punished.

Now we have to say that these ridiculous stereotypes are much beloved of the British press and one might suspect that the headline Dragon Mothers was too good a phrase not to build a story around and the truth go hang.

However, the tradition of nude corner time (and even spanking) for young women may be prevalent among some Chinese families.

Whilst talking about the story above, one young woman said that a Chinese girlfriend of hers had to stand naked in the corner whenever she was grounded right up and beyond college.

With this in mind yours truly checked out the comments section on the various newspapers that reported the story in their online sections. All thought it wasn’t typical; many young women claiming Chinese descent had stories about variations of the nude corner time punishment. Some even said it was just, suggesting that if you embarrass your family then it was right that you should be embarrassed.

One young woman agreed, except that she said ‘why did she have to stand in the corner when her brothers didn’t;’ although that particular girl was ‘grateful that she was allowed to face the wall when her brothers and male cousins were around.’

Another woman said she lived with her parents until after she had completed a Master’s degree and an MBA, which they had paid for. During this time she accepted her parents’ punishments and that naked corner time was usually an alternative offered to a spanking.

“I usually took the spanking from my mother in the privacy of my room, which was administered with her hand or a slipper to my bare bottom. But sometimes I didn’t have a choice and nude corner time was added to my spanking in any case. Usually afterwards so my brother and sister could see my shame. Once when I got a C minus for math, I lied about it and hid my report card. I had a whole Saturday morning nude in the corner followed by a spanking and more corner time while still naked. That was hard as my aunt and cousin saw me also that day; a really difficult day for an 18-year-old. I never got another C again and I certainly never lied about my grades after that.”

Not many others were so graphic or forthcoming, but dozens of women indicated that they had had similar experiences.

It has to be said that most people, Chinese or otherwise were horrified, but interestingly enough the girls thus treated seemed to be largely supportive of their strict parents.

On the whole these anecdotes are no more extreme than some of those heard about young US women from certain backgrounds and equally impossible to verify.

7 Responses to “Chinese domestic discipline”

  1. 1 George

    My congratulations to such wise parents.
    Any first hand experience?

  2. 2 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Good research subject, Damien.

    There is a pay site called Cutie Spankee, that seems to be all about Japanese girls getting spanked domestically and at school. Of course these are made up scenarios, but you’d think there must be some cultural backing to it. The whole thing can’t have been made up for western consumption.

    In fact several authors note the submissive attractions of Japanese and other Asian women as a factor in why western men prefer them when given the choice.

    Apparently western expat women have a difficult time in Asian countries because for the most part, the local men find them scary, and the expat western men are more interested in fraternizing with the local women who aren’t burdened with all that feminist baggage.

    My sources for this are the novel “Tokyo, my Everest”, written by a western woman, and the blog, Nomad Lawyer: which seems to be temporarily (I hope) down.

    Also there is a blog about Real Life Singaporean spankings, with many stories on it that seem plausible:

    Also, on another subject, I once read a review of the book “Pledged”, which is about bad behaviour among sorority girls, in which the author (of the review) suggested there be a follow-up book, which would be titled “Spanked”. Not sure if he’s one of us, but “Pledged” could be worth checking out for story ideas, not that you seem to be lacking in that department.

  3. 3 DJ

    That’s a lot of info – thanks.

    As for Japanese spanking – I have some info on Korean spanking – but decided not to confuse the issue. Its like doing an article on English domestic spanking and then talking about France.

    I am aware of cutie and sites like it. My impression is that its is conciously European or even English in their pursuit of the fetish. So not sure what that says about Asia.

    I know many places in the world have issues with anglo or European women and socio-politics – but its hard to bracket a prevailing attitude with Asian countries.


    • 4 Karl Friedrich Gauss

      In that memoir “Tokyo My Everest” the author talks about how the arrival of the TV remote control caused psychological stress to at least one Japanese woman who felt that her role in changing channels on the TV at her husband’s command was being supplanted. Now that’s what I call submissive!

  4. Chinese women have the cutest bare bottoms, and wether one uses, the hand, paddle, hairbrush, birchrod, cane or whip, on their naked rear ends. The feeling one gets, in spanking them, is most delightful and pleasureable indeed.

  5. 7 Kurt Schwitters

    My lady friend from Malaysia misbehaved by not being fully truthful and was caught out. This exchange ensued.

    >>>You have earned yourself an over-the-knee spanking, young lady.

    <<>>The only question is, do I let you keep your knickers on.

    <<>>In future let your yes be yes, and let your no be no.

    <<>>I will.
    You will submit quietly.
    I will be merciful.

    <<>>No knickers.

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