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Sometime ago I chanced upon a reference to a birching tower in a book. There was no more information, but the most likely explanation that it was used for storage; or so I thought. In the History of the Rod there is a mention of birching rooms in gaols and apparently women prisoners were often […]

The Machine


This story is a sequel to The Curious Case of Amelia Craven It began with a humming noise like a slow metallic fly. Dr Marley was out of the workshop so instead of the usual disciplined attention to their work many of the apprentices moved away from their desks and started looking about. Even Amelia […]

The stranger bothered her almost as much as Jason Kincaid did. He was a large man with searching dark eyes that never seemed to rest. Also there was something about the set of his jaw reminded her of her father and that determined way he had. It was a cinch that the stranger, whoever he […]

We knew the Victorians were keen on spanking on the birch, it went hand in hand with keeping young women in their place but just how far did they go? Here we have a true account of a woman offering a discipline service for unruly adult daughters. I came across this tale in the History […]

When this short first appeared there was a lot of interest about what happened next. So here is another episode. The wind blew hard and showed no signs of stopping. Even now the it fell in drifts across their path and the small sled began to falter. Worse still the wolves were howling all about […]

Here is an 1898 excerpt from the London Gazette. Landlady spanks wayward lady tenant Metropolitan Police were called to a house in Putney following ‘reports of commotion.’ It seems that a landlady, one Mrs Edna Beverage, 36, took the law into her hands when dealing with a difficult tenant by spanking her soundly with a […]

Vintage Sunday


Here is a bizarre Russian TV Series, Favorit (2005), featuring a very odd birching scene. It is not clear what is going on, but it appears to be some sort of revenge scenario. A well-to-do woman is kidnapped and then lowered into the floor so that only her head is seen. A man then eats […]

Or in some cases the maid spanks back. Just a bit of filler fun for Sunday.

Or should that be reds? Here is a rare little Edwardian gem depicting vintage lesbian spanking and close-up of the action.