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The Academy continues. Candy’s ears were still burning, to say nothing of her bottom. It was bad enough pretending to be a 19-year-old girl when you’re 24, but so much the worse when you are made to feel 14. She tried to tell herself that it was nothing compared to a service caning when she […]

The Academy continues: Annie Johns was on her way for a weekly catch-up with her mentor when she saw the sad posse of girls meekly slinking down a side route to class. The SSR were near the end of their first week of penitence but still tended to stick together as much as possible. Annie […]

The Academy continues: “Is there anything to report?” “Not a word sir.” “I suppose all of this is a long shot we don’t actually know that Julie Landon is hiding at the Academy.” “No but if you re-examine where the trail went cold and other circumstantial evidence then it is looking increasingly likely.” “Then why […]

The Academy continues. The dark day had come. Even as they changed out of their clothes into the punishment garb Jade and Jenny had tried to be stoic and even Rachel was coming to terms with how foolish it had all been. Only Rebecca had any resentment for what was about to happen. “That bitch. […]

The Academy saga continues. Cally knew that her identity had been exposed and she already knew that escape was impossible. She toyed with the idea of telling Jenny the truth, but that wouldn’t help her now and could only put her friend in danger. So it was a long lonely walk she took to see […]

The Academy continues. Kate knocked on Sarah’s door with not so much butterflies in her stomach, but a full marching band of manic moths. She had once faced another girl down with a knife and had not been this nervous. Then with rare insight she saw that what she felt was beyond nerves. She was […]

The Academy continues “Something is wrong.” Rachel growled. “Let me see.” Rebecca snatched the remote from her friend. “There’s no signal its off line.” Rachel replied. “See.” “Give me a moment.” Rebecca said impatiently. “Will you two hurry up?” Jenny scolded. “Where has Jade got to by the way?” At that moment, Mr Bastion and […]

The Academy continues. Jade was horrified at the girl’s plan. As Rebecca and Rachel had outlined it for her with glee, she had been overcome with a sinking feeling. “Guys I am not sure this is a good idea.” Jade had said. “It’s a great idea, we will fix the old cow once and for […]

It had been the talk of The Academy. The precious president’s daughter had been punished and stood in shame in the dinning hall. Lilly and Annie had been keen to go and look. “We can have a snack.” Annie grinned. “I’m game.” Jenny shrugged. Lilly was too excited to speak and bounced up and down […]

One of the challenges of writing spanking fiction is that both writer and the reader have to believe it. The hardest fiction to write therefore is that with a contemporary setting. A vehicle to overcome this challenge is to set stories either in the past or the future. Historical fiction in this genre is always […]