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Faery Godfather


Oh God, oh God, Oh God, was the frantic thought racing through Jessica’s mind. The two bottles of perfume and one silk scarf felt like a burning ton in her pockets, what had she been thinking? Was it too late to take them back? But at that moment the door to the store’s exit opened […]

There is a scene in the movie The Notorious Bettie Page where Gretchen Mol, in the role of Bettie, explains to a fan that he can only photograph her from behind. This is because of obscenity laws that prevent any hint of the pubic region or as my grandmother might have quaintly called it, the […]

I remember a few years ago speaking to a colleague at work. She was very high powered and not a little scary. She was intelligent, forceful, calm and courageous. I adored her, obviously. I thought that she thought me weak and childish. I learned as much as I could from her, striving to live up […]

Over the Moon


“Are you going to beat me?” she said apprehensively and biting on her lower lip. Carly looked almost childlike when she adopted such a pose, her cascade of red-brown hair falling in ringlets over her greenish doe-eyes amid a heart shaped face. It was set well on a fully fleshed body that was buxom enough […]

Weekly Round-Up


First of all, thanks to all those people who have been sending in pictures and little snippets. I cannot use them all for one reason or another, but I will use some of them in the next few weeks. I especially like the corner time pictures from naughty young ladies repentant enough to share their […]

Vintage Sunday


Fun or real discipline in action (it comes to the same for some). Sent in by Ralph, our thanks to him.

The Audi hit yet another line of cars and Kimberly slowed to a stop. Usually such delays pissed her off but today the conversation was far too interesting and the 36-year-old blonde cast a smirk at her passenger sitting alongside. Clarice tugged furiously at a stray red hair and glowered at the new hold-up. She […]

Adam Lacombe sat back in the deep leather seat and frowned. This was bat crazy. He grinned, he had to. In life there are always those moments when you have to laugh or cry and this had to be one of them. Caitlin Trance didn’t blink; she was well used to this response from first […]

The early morning warmth, pushing my bottom against your thighs and wriggling until you wrap me in your arms and make me blush. The plans we can make that fill up calendars – parties and gatherings that blossom along the path of our year as it curls into the distance. Sunday afternoon spankings that leak […]