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I just found a few pictures, some of them you will have seen and some you might not have done. I was prompted to look them up by a comment on a board that suggested that Secretary was the first mainstream movie to feature a bare bottom spanking of any kind. I hoped to find […]



It is a case of all quiet on the spanking front, although that may be a reflection of how busy I have been. I have been looking at other people’s spanking fiction and have found a few little gems. LSF have a good stable of writers and the best copy is for sale from them […]

Part one here When Tzara awoke she was in bed. The honey-glow of sunlight poured through the open window emphasising the rich and red-brown panelled walls. She could even smell the wood and from outside she could hear birdsong. She sat up. Well apparently her plan had worked, she wasn’t dead anyway. The last thing she […]

Vintage Sunday


Part one here “Tzang, where the hell have you been?” the captain snarled without looking up from his consul. “Sorry Sir I have been…” she began, but she didn’t finish. Captain Tassan was giving his full attention to the screen while his hands danced over buttons and pads like a pianist playing the minute waltz. Tzara […]

Part one here Apart from the occasional teasing Tzara was largely ignored as she stood in the corner. It was humiliating but she could see how Galen thought the punishment fitted the crime and in all fairness she could not blame Lucinda for a little payback. It occurred to her that neither Galen or Lucinda were […]



Welcome to Wednesday. This week we have an article Vanilla Spanking about comparing spanking in movie posters with the actual spankings in that movie. Contemporary Life has a picture collection of sore bottoms. The Spanking Blog has some Stanton Drawings. Other contributions are from Devlin, FHS and Dreams of Spanking.

Google reader has so many random publications. If you have the patience just about every newspaper and magazine ever published must be there somewhere. This little snippet was in a small corner of The West Country Advertiser in 1886: No big story, no big scandal. Sadly the headline and the date were too blurred. Mrs […]

Vintage Sunday